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Using Advanced Customer Support to close deals & increase customer satisfaction

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2 Using Advanced Customer Support to close deals & increase customer satisfaction
Stephen Turner Global Channels Development Director Advanced Customer Support September, 2014 Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. | Oracle Confidential – Internal

3 Oracle Confidential – Internal

4 Program Agenda for Advanced Customer Support
1 Who we are? What we offer How you can take advantage Engagement Models How do I engage 2 3 4 5 Oracle Confidential – Internal

5 Oracle Advanced Customer Support (ACS) delivers personalized and proactive mission-critical support for organizations seeking to maximize the availability, performance, and value of their Oracle solutions

6 About Oracle Advanced Customer Support
We Operate Globally as part of Oracle Customer Support Services We Bring Expertise and Experience across the Complete Oracle Stack ACS Works Closely with Oracle Development to Enhance Supportability Our #1 Focus is Customer Success #1

7 Oracle Advanced Customer Support: Our Customers
84% Global 50 Governments by GDP Global Fortune 100 Companies 82% 5 of top 5 Telecommunications Companies Banks 4 of top 5 4 of top 5 High Tech Companies Aerospace and Defense Companies 5 of top 5 ACS works with 4,000+ public and private sector organizations 5 of top 5 Auto Companies

8 50% The average hourly cost of downtime increased by over half in the last decade as technology became even more central to running key business functions

9 50% CIOs plan to increase use of service providers by 50% over the next 3-5 years to reduce operating costs and focus limited staff on innovation

10 Oracle Advanced Customer Support What We Help You Achieve

11 Supportability at Every Step of Your Lifecycle
Plan & Design Build & Deploy Support & Maintain Optimize & Modernize

12 Oracle Advanced Customer Support Offerings
Oracle Systems Optimization Support Oracle Advanced Support Cloud Services Oracle Solution Support Center Oracle Priority Support Oracle On-Site Support 1 2 3 4 5 Personalized and Proactive Support from a Named Team of Oracle Engineers Priority Service Request Handling for Your Most Critical Oracle Solutions Advanced Support Engineers at Your Site to Provide Immediate Assistance Start-up, Go-live, Tuning, Hardware and Software Changes, and More Connectivity Enables a Wide Range of Engineered Support Offerings

13 Oracle Advanced Customer Support Experts
ACS engineers and technical account managers pair deep knowledge of Oracle products with an intimate understanding of your environment and objectives to deliver truly personalized support 2,600+ delivery professionals with an average 15+ years Oracle experience Extensive ongoing training Consistently high customer satisfaction

14 “There is no question that automated remote support services can bring real, significant benefits to the modern datacenter. IDC strongly recommends that any IT organization with access to automated remote support consider immediate implementation, working with support providers...” Rise of the Machines, IDC 2014

15 Oracle Advanced Support Cloud
Oracle Advanced Support Cloud enables delivery of a range of cloud services which leverage known best practices, automation, and our global Centers of Excellence to help you maintain, support, and manage Oracle products 900+ connected customers Instantly accessible from anywhere Large and growing portfolio of services Best Practices __________________ Automation __________________ Centers of Excellence

16 Going to Market with Partners
Reselling Partners (VAD / VAR) Services at Point of Sale Fixed Discounts Simplified quoting & booking Focus on ACS Resell portfolio attach Leverage Oracle Partner Store to add installation services to HW/SW orders System Integrators (SI) VARS Packaged, fixed price & custom T&M Support of SW & HW infrastructure projects ACS Sales Region Driven Leverage ACS Global Order Desk and ACS Sales Rep. Oracle Confidential – Restricted

17 ACS Partner Engagement
Selling at Point of Systems Sale (POS) Point Services and Solutions Large IT Projects and Implementations Optimization & Readiness Services ordered online via the Oracle Partner Store (OPS) Dedicated Global Order Desk for end-to-end Service Deal Management Sales and Presales Engagement for complex Oracle Engagements © 2012 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential

18 Open Market Model (OMM)
Oracle's Open Market Model (OMM) is a global registration program that rewards partners for registering transactions with Oracle Benefits to Partners Include: Approved registrations become visible to Oracle sales organization Compensation or acknowledgement for bringing business to Oracle Partners who register leads that are closed within 6 months time receive a 5% commission on the deal with a maximum cap of $25,000 More information on the details of the OMM model can be found Oracle Confidential – Restricted

19 Summary: What is in it for partners?
Enable partners to sell a solution across the Oracle stack Supplemental services that enhance the partner’s own service offerings & delivery capability Project schedules that are kept on track & on budget Assigned delivery team who understands your client’s business and technology requirements Enhanced capability for partners to deliver new Oracle technologies Increased Cooperation & Customer Satisfaction Increased partner revenue and margin

For More Information

21 Oracle Confidential – Internal


23 Appendix

24 ACS Seamlessly Builds Upon Oracle Premier Support
Oracle Advanced Customer Support 1 Enterprise-Class Technical Support 1 The Fastest Problem Resolution 24/7 Support 24/7 Hardware Service Assigned Support Team and Priority Service Response 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Resolution 2 Self-Service Proactive Support Tools 2 Personalized Proactive Support My Oracle Support Oracle Configuration Manager, Health Checks and other Tools Reviews/Assessments Delivered by ACS Experts Outages Mitigated or Prevented via Early and Predictive Detection 3 Software Updates and Update Resources 3 Deployment of Updates & New Products Fixes, Security Updates, Enhancements, New Releases Documentation, Upgrade Advisors, Communities Provisioning, Patching, Upgrades, Tuning, Consolidation Planning, Migrations, and more New Systems: Readiness, Startup and Go-live

25 ACS Seamlessly Extends the Value of Platinum Services
Oracle Platinum Services Oracle Advanced Customer Support 1 24/7 Fault Monitoring 1 Advanced Monitoring and Resolution Event Filtering and Qualification Event Reporting and Visibility through Online Proactive and Predictive Monitoring & Resolution to Complement Platinum Services Fault Monitoring End User Performance Monitoring 2 Accelerated Support Response 2 Solution Support Center 5-minute Fault Notification 15-minute Restoration or Escalation to Development Named Advanced Support Team and Technical Account Manager Become Expert in Environment Regular Reviews, Guidance, Personalized Support 3 System Patching (Up to 4 Times Per Year) 3 Additional Patching and Other Services Patch Planning Patch Deployment Out-of-cycle or Out-of-scope Patching Engineered Systems and Platinum Services Readiness, Startup and Go-live

26 Oracle Solution Support Center A New Level of Personalized and Proactive Support An Assigned Oracle Support Team Delivers Mission-Critical Support WHO WHAT WHY Customers who require specialized, personalized support For the most critical business applications and systems Named team with expertise in the customer’s unique environment & business impact Proactive use of tools and IP to avoid downtime, and rapidly resolve issues Focused on the customer’s most critical business functions Improve availability and performance

27 Oracle Priority Support Rapid Response and Resolution Priority Service Request Handling for Your Most Critical Oracle Solutions WHO WHAT WHY Customers who require prioritized support for their most critical systems Customers who require greater urgency in response to their SR’s SRs prioritized higher in Premier Support Queues Access to a named TAM Webcasts and exclusive discussions with Oracle Product Managers related to new technologies Faster resolution of SRs related to critical systems and projects Access to a named Oracle Support professional who is an advocate and can be called upon in critical situations

28 On-Site Support The Support You Need, When and Where You Need It Hands-on Support from Oracle Experts Embedded Directly in Your Team WHO WHAT WHY Customers who require embedded Oracle support experts working directly with their IT staff Scenarios where remote delivery is not an option, or Remote services need to be augmented with on-site assistance Ultimate personalized support delivered by on-site support experts embedded at key customer location(s) Oracle solutions, knowledge transfer, & leadership for diverse, complex technical challenges Customer’s IT team gains direct real-time access to on- site Oracle experts Customer benefits from best- practices, timely advice & guidance, hands-on assistance, and knowledge transfer

29 Oracle Systems Optimization Support Gain Full Value from Your Oracle Solution – Right from the Start Startup, Go-live, Tuning, Critical System Changes and more WHO WHAT WHY Customers who need assistance with provisioning & deployment of hardware, software, infrastructure, and key data center events Packaged support solutions specifically geared to systems & data center customers Offerings span from installation & startup, to system reviews & upgrades, and data center relocation Provides customers with a proven blueprint for deployment, maintenance, and availability Reduces customer risk and accelerates ROI

30 Oracle Advanced Support Cloud Services Your Connection to Success Secure, Personalized, Engineered Support WHO WHAT WHY Customers who have adopted a cloud model, lights-out data center, and/or capable of accepting engineered support connected to a service cloud Customers who seek continuous access to Oracle’s “always on” expertise Enables secure connectivity to a rich suite of engineered support capabilities optimized for Oracle technologies Continuous detection, prevention, correction, and oversight of critical events Provisioning, consolidation, remote patching, etc. Foundational platform for innovation Provides the highest level of engineered support to deliver system availability & reliability Direct access to Oracle experts from any location in the world Outages are mitigated or prevented via early & predictive detection

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