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Section 2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign

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1 Section 2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign
Chapter 32 Section 2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign

2 Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor
October 1940, America cracked a code that showed Japan’s interest in European colonies in Southeast Asia Japan took over Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos Roosevelt stopped oil shipments to Japan Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto came up with Pearl Harbor attack

3 Day of Infamy December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor
Lasted about 2 hours 19 ships sunk or damaged 8 battleships 2,300 Americans killed 1,100 wounded Next day, US declares war

4 Japanese Victories Took Guam, Wake Islands, then went to Philippines
Took Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaya, Thailand, Singapore, Dutch East Indies (Indonesia), and Burma 1 million square miles of land 150 million people

5 cont Treated people of colonies cruelly
Treated Allied prisoners of war the worst Thought was dishonorable to be taken prisoner Death before surrender Bataan Death March, 70,000 prisoners, 16,000 died on march

6 The Allies Turn the Tide
Mostly Americans and Australians fought the Japanese Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle planned raids over Japan Got Tokyo and other key cities Did little damage, but showed Japan can be hit

7 Cont Japan getting close to Australia
Battle of the Coral Sea stops Japan from getting to Australia

8 Battle of Midway Admiral Chester Nimitz in charge of Pacific fleet
Admiral Yamamoto was in charge of Japanese fleet heading to Midway US wins battle, 332 Japanese planes, 4 aircraft carries and one support ship destroyed Turning point battle in Pacific

9 An Allied Offensive General Douglas MacArthur commanded Allied land forces in Pacific Started plan of “island hopping” Get less fortified islands and still get closer to Japan

10 Battle of Guadalcanal Feb 1943, six months of fighting
Japanese lose 24,000 out of 36,000 troops Japanese called it “the Island of Death” US called it simply “hell”

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