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Harassment, Bullying and Workplace Violence Prevention Managers’ Session 2014.

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1 Harassment, Bullying and Workplace Violence Prevention Managers’ Session 2014

2 Today’s Objectives: Discuss all facets of harassment/discrimination in the workplace (sexual, bullying, workplace violence) Determine what constitutes these facets of harassment/discrimination (sexual: quid pro quo and hostile environment, cyber-bullying, issues of respect, violence prevention) Establish your role in preventing harassment/discrimination in the workplace Review our policies on sexual harassment and workplace violence.

3 . LEGISLATION You Need to Know


5 Dollars and ‘Sense’ = Monetary Benefits of $7.1 Million = Monetary Benefits of $48.4 Million Average Verdict: $300,000 = $350,000 = 84% Female = 16% Male 1991: 6,883 charges filed with EEOC 2010: 11,717 charges filed with EEOC Average sexual harassment defense costs: 2010: plaintiff complaints

6 What Are The Negative Impacts of Sexual Harassment ? How Much Do You Know?

7 Harassment Quiz Harassment Quiz Know? CLICK ON QUIZ

8 Harassment and Workplace Violence Prevention What is ONE word to describe Sexual Harassment


10 Why Victims Don’t Speak Out: Fear of: Loss of Job Opportunities The “Rumor Mill” Not Being Believed Of Being “Wrong” Rejection from Co-Workers Retaliation Being Accused of Not Having a Sense of Humor Being Labeled: Trouble Maker Feminist Overly Sensitive Mentally Unstable

11 EEOC Definition : Unwelcome sexual advances. Requests for sexual favors. Verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature connected to decisions about employment. An intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. Sexual Harassment

12 REMEMBER.... A situation must be both OFFENSIVE and SEXUAL to be sexual harassment.

13 Two Kinds of Sexual Harassment: Quid Pro Quo: “This for That” Hostile Work Environment

14 Definition: Employment decisions or expectations based on an employee’s willingness to grant or deny sexual favors. Quid Pro Quo

15 Examples of Quid Pro Quo: Demanding sexual favors in exchange for a promotion or a raise. Disciplining or firing a subordinate who ends a romantic relationship. Changing performance expectations after a subordinate refuses repeated requests for a date. Quid Pro Quo: This for that. You do this for me and I’ll do that for you.

16 Definition: Verbal or Non Verbal behaviors that... Focus on the sexuality of another person or his/her gender. Are unwanted or unwelcome. Severe or pervasive enough to affect the person’s work performance and/or environment. Hostile Work Environment

17 Examples of Hostile Work Environment: Offensive Conduct Offensive Behavior Offensive Language Offensive Graphics Dating & Relationships Hostile Work Place: Hostile Intimidating Offensive

18 Important Facts about Sexual Harassment: Generally occurs when there is a disparity of power – not just when men & women are working together. Does not have to be intentional. What is offensive is in the “eye of the beholder.” Men can be sexually harassed. Men can harass men; women can harass women. Harassment does not have to be directed at a particular individual. Offenders can be supervisors, co-workers or non-employees (customers, vendors or suppliers).

19 Who Is Liable for Quid Pro Quo Harassment? Who is Liable For Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment?

20 Scenarios: What Would You Do? 1. Female student comes to you a female professor about male professor. 2. Female staff member goes to supervisor about male staff member. 3. Male student goes to male prof. about female prof.

21 Definition: Intimate, romantic, or sexual relationships between a member of management and an employee. Fraternization

22 Examples of Fraternization: Manager is... In direct reporting relationship with employee. In same functional pyramid as employee. So highly placed in the organization that the employee’s direct supervisor could become compromised in managing the employee fairly. In an audit or investigative function where integrity & impartial performance may be compromised as a result of the relationship with the employee.


24 Definition: Bullying may be direct, such as severe verbal abuse, or indirect, such as spreading rumors or lies. Cyber bullying is just as serious. Internet or cyber bullying might include sharing inappropriate pictures of someone, posing as someone else to spread rumors or lies, or sending harassing messages and abusive emails (on Facebook, as well) Bullying

25 Some Signs of Bullying: Being left out from work- related social events Coworkers storming out of the work area when you enter Others regularly arriving late for meetings that you call Being given the “silent treatment” Not being given the praise you thought you deserved Being treated rudely or disrespectfully Others responding slowly to requests that were important to you Being yelled or shouted at Receiving put-downs about your intelligence or competence Your telephone calls, contributions, or other communications are ignored Someone interferes with or sabotages your work Being given little or no feedback about your performance Being a victim of pranks

26 Examples of Overt/Covert Bullying OVERT Name Calling Bickering Fault finding Criticism Intimidation Gossip Shouting Blaming Put-downs Raised eyebrows COVERT Unfair assignments Refusing to help someone Ignoring Making faces behind someone’s back Refusing to only work with certain people – or not work with others Whining, sabotage, exclusion, fabrication (Bartholomew, 2011).

27 Impact PHYSICAL EFFECTS Anxiety Exhaustion Sleep Disturbances Increased apathy, decreased moral Burnout/Irritability Affected personal relationships Poor work quality. PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS Fatigue, listlessness Headaches Weight loss/gain Eating disorders Gastrointestinal problems Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (Hastile, 2002)

28 Definition: Workplace violence is violence or the threat of violence against workers. It can occur at or outside the workplace and can range from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and homicide, one of the leading causes of job- related deaths. However it manifests itself, workplace violence is a growing concern for employers and employees nationwide. Workplace Violence

29 RED FLAGS: Having an obsession with or excessively discussing weapons; Compulsive reading and collecting of gun magazines; Making direct or veiled threats; Intimidating or instilling fear in others; Having an obsession with one’s job; Showing little involvement with co-workers; Return of terminated employees who have left because of questionable behavior ; Displaying unwanted romantic interest in a co-worker; Exhibiting paranoid behavior; Being unaccepting of criticism; Holding a grudge; Having recent family, financial, academic, social, legal, or other personal problems; Showing interest in recently publicized violent acts; Testing the limits of acceptable behavior; Making extreme changes in behavior or stated beliefs; and Retaliation by employees who feel they have been bullied.

30 In Your Role, Always Remember To: Assess Respond Maintain ARM Yourselves

31 NYMC Harassment & Sexual Harassment Policy Statement CLICK ON POLICY STATEMENT

32 NYMC Sexual Harassment Awareness & Prevention Acknowledgement of Training Form CLICK ON ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM

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