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AP Economics Mr. Bernstein AP Exams 2015 April 22, 2015.

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1 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein AP Exams 2015 April 22, 2015

2 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein The AP Exams Each test is 2 hours and 10 minutes Test dates: Thur. May 14: Macro 12 noon Fri May 15: Micro 8 am 60 multiple choice questions (70 minutes) 3 Free Response questions, 1 long and 2 short (10 minute reading time plus 50 minutes to answer) MC = 2/3 of grade FRQ = 1/3 of grade Average FRQ score is <50% 2

3 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein Overview Average AP scores: 80-100A 65-80B 50-65C 40-50D 2012 mean scores were 3.0 and 2.8 3

4 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein Test Taking Strategies Objectives - Understand each of the following: Answer the question that was asked Intent of question will probably be included in stem, therefore, try to formulate an answer before reading distractors Select best answer Answer easy questions first OK to guess on questions that are completely unfamiliar – no penalty for wrong answersI 4

5 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein Multiple Choice Question Types: Definitions/Classifying: 38% Cause & Effect Change: 38% – 1 Cause & Effect: 50% – 2 Causes & Effects: 33% – 3 Causes & Effects: 17% Calculation: 12% Graphic Interpretation: 9% I, II, III style classifying: 3% Source: David Meyer, Preparing For The AP Economics Exams, 2011 5

6 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein FRQs Answer questions in the order asked (ie part a,b,c,d) Diagrams can provide or enhance answer - some FRQs will require graphs Label diagrams fully, clearly and correctly Changes in curves should be identified with arrows and clear sequencing of labels (ie AS 1, AS 2 ) Emphasize line of reasoning…stating results not enough 6

7 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein FRQs Read the question – underline the verb – what are they looking for? Use correct terminology in FRQs and class discussion Use rubrics as guides (Krugman Module FRQ answers, APE Sample and Past Exam FRQ answers) Not an essay – do not write thesis statement, intro paragraph and do not repeat the question in your answer 7

8 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein FRQ Verb Prompts “Show” – think “Graph” - use diagram to illustrate your answer. Label all elements including graph axes. “Explain” – take reader through each linkage needed to go from starting point to final answer. Graphs and symbols are acceptable. “Identify” – “think Indicate” - bulleted list of short phrases or terms, even single label or arrow, without any elaboration or explanation “Calculate” – use mathematical operation to determine a specific numerical response, along with providing your work “Analyze” – not used much any more, think “Show” AND “Explain” 8

9 AP Economics Mr. Bernstein Exam Topics and Weightings Topics, and weightings, for the AP Microeconomics Exam are listed on pages 9-10 of College Board AP Course Description: https://secure- economics-course-description.pdfhttps://secure- economics-course-description.pdf Topics, and weightings, for AP Macroeconomics Exam are listed on pages 26-27 of College Board AP Course Description 9

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