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Destination Geography Travel & Tourism - Standard 1 Objective 2 - Part 2.

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1 Destination Geography Travel & Tourism - Standard 1 Objective 2 - Part 2

2 What are the local customs like?

3 Architecture sEgypt sLife after death Example: Tombs sDark Ages sProtection Example: Castles/Fortress sMiddle Ages sReligion Example: Cathedrals

4 Languages Bilingual: the ability to speak two languages.  There are anywhere between 3,000 and 6,500 languages.

5 World Religion Judaism Hinduism Buddhism Confucianism Taoism Shintoism Christianity Islam

6 Cultural Geography Refers to a group’s total way of life, including the systems of social meanings, values, and ways of relating that are handed down from generation to generation. ▫Influences how people eat and how they prepare, serve, and consume food. ▫Architecture ▫Dress ▫Music/Art ▫Literature

7 Folklore Folklore consists of the beliefs, customs, and traditions that people pass on from generation to generation.

8 Mealtimes in Different Countries Breakfast: 6:00 – 11:00 am Lunch: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm Dinner: 5:00 pm to midnight

9 Something to Remember… When traveling in a foreign country travelers should always keep bottled water with them.

10 Where do I find information?

11 GuidebooksBrochures Guidebooks give travelers information about: Where to stay Where to eat Where to shop Background information Sightseeing tips Describes a destination’s attractions or a supplier’s offerings. Designed to sell a product.

12 Co-op Advertising Brochures published by tour operators and travel agencies in a combined effort to sell the travel product.

13 Lights, Action, Camera Pictures are great travel motivators. TV and movie information falls into 2 groups: Romantic Material Practical Material

14 Government Tourist Office (GTO) A state or province’s tourism promotion organization that gives detailed information about a country, state, or city Example: Utah Travel Council

15 Familiarization Trips Reduced-rate trips provided by a supplier’s marketing department to qualified travel professionals who need knowledge to sell the product effectively.

16 Trade Shows Provide opportunities for travel professionals to showcase their products.

17 What’s happening in travel?

18 Ethnocentrism The attitude that a person’s own culture is the BEST and most natural!

19 Multiculturism Acknowledging the existence, contribution, and value of all the earth’s cultures and peoples

20 Outbound Sending people to other countries

21 Inbound Tourists coming into a country

22 Ecotourism Traveling to nature’s wonders and leaving them in their original state.

23 Recreation Travel  Mountain Climbing  Hiking  Diving  Kayaking  Shopping  Cooking  Gambling  Watching a sporting event  Many More!

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