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By Ciarán McCormack.

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1 By Ciarán McCormack

2 Facts The population of New Zealand is 4.471 million.
The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. The currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar. The Lord of the rings movies were filmed in New Zealand.

3 Aoraki Mount Cook Aoraki Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand which reaches 3,754 metres in height. Mount Cook location is Aoraki Mount in the Mount Cook national park in the Canterbury region in the south island.

4 New Zealand rugby team The All Blacks have played a total of 43 matches in seven World Cup tournaments . They were the only team to have who had made it to all the semi-finals at the world cup between 1987 and They also are the only team never to have lost a pool game and to have always quafied in first place from every group . New Zealand has won the tournament twice in 1987 and 2011both which they had hosted .

5 Questions What’s the population of New Zealand? 4.471 million.
What’s the capital of New Zealand? Wellington. What’s the highest mountain in New Zealand? Aoraki Mount Cook. How many times did New Zealand win the World Cup? Twice.

6 The end By Ciarán McCormack

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