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Presented by: Mr. Rapid SUN Director of R&D Center CONCEPT.

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1 Presented by: Mr. Rapid SUN Director of R&D Center CONCEPT

2 What is CICTA? CICTA is a prestigious award dedicated to the best ICT achievement among entrepreneurs in Cambodia A benchmark for success in terms of innovation and creativity whilst offering more business and funding opportunities Bring Cambodian company to the next level by participating at Regional and International Awards (ASEAN ICT Awards) “Promote innovation in ICT industry in Cambodia” which is in-line with Cambodia ICT Master Plan 2020 Cambodia ICT Award 20152

3 Benefits of Participation Winners will receive trophies (gold, silver and bronze) and certificates of winners 1000$, 500$ and 300$ for Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners will be put in various promotional materials to publicize their achievements Winning the competition will increase the status of the entrepreneurs product and be a part of their milestone achievement Funding opportunity from investors Cambodia ICT Award 20153

4 Award Categories 1.The Public Sector 2.The Private Sector 3.Corporate Social Responsibility 4.Digital Content 5.Start-up Company 6.Research and Development Cambodia ICT Award 20154

5 The Public Sector Any application software, hardware or its combination that enables more efficient, effective, transparent and low cost Government Operations; or provides the best and valuable services to the public The application can be developed by a private institution, government institution or government owned companies funded by the Government or Foreign donors, and can still be in the pilot implementation stage. The application may not necessary be in full- scale implementation but the Government Institution or Public Services Institution should already be using it Applications that have been developed to be used by State Owned Company or Government Owned Company for commercial purposes are not included under this category Recognition of application implementation by the respective Government Agency must be presented during the application Cambodia ICT Award 20155

6 The Private Sector Any application software, hardware or its combination that serves the needs of the private sector such as Industrial Application, e- Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Finance Industry Application, Communication, e-Health, Tourism and Hospitality, etc. The company must be registered in Cambodia The company can be 100% local company. Cambodia ICT Award 20156

7 Corporate Social Responsibility Any application software, hardware or its combination to support local community with the aim to improve the wellbeing, quality of life and standard of living of the community with the ultimate intent to bridge the digital divide. Cambodia ICT Award 20157

8 Digital Content Any application software, hardware or its combination that provides management and technical support to the news and entertainment industry such as Television Broadcasting, Radio Broadcasting, Cinema, Live Entertainment, Publishing, Newspaper, Internet News, Games. The technology innovation to develop advance human characterization in the animation film. Cambodia ICT Award 20158

9 Start-up Company Company is founded less than 3 years from the date of CICTA competition Founder of the company and or the product developers must be the major shareholder of the company The company must not be a subsidiary of a well-established parent company. Cambodia ICT Award 20159

10 Research and Development Any ICT research and creation from university, research institution or company that discover or invent new knowledge, processes, product and services that meets the demands of the market: – have no customer yet or available in customer site – the product is still less than year of its product completion – Can demonstrate its features and functionality (even if not fully completed) – Self funding (internal funding) or customer/user funding – Intellectual Property Rights belongs to the owner/creator (either self or by the company) Cambodia ICT Award 201510

11 Product Eligibility The eligible product for CICTA must meet the following criteria: – The Intellectual Property Rights for the product must be owned by the company – At least 51% of product development efforts including research and development (R&D), and design must be done within Cambodia. Cambodia ICT Award 201511

12 NON ELIGIBLE ENTRY The following are non-eligible innovations for entry nomination: – A product, of which the main R&D and design efforts are executed outside Cambodia, or of which Cambodia is merely providing code- cutting services. – An innovation and product, of which in one (1) year period before the current CICTA competition has won an CICTA Award with or without product enhancement. Cambodia ICT Award 201512

13 How to register? 1.Go to 2.Fill the participants information 3.Submit a 5mn video about your product with youtube URL Cambodia ICT Award 201513

14 Video Guideline 1.Create a concept -Current Problem/ challenge -Develop product -Product features -Client Testimony -Conclusion 2.Sketch a story board 3.Write the script 4.Outsource Video Production Team 5.Upload Video to Youtube Cambodia ICT Award 201514

15 Testimony Osja Studio Application Form Cambodia ICT Award 201515

16 Judging Process First round of selection – The first round of selection is done through online video submission Final round of Competition – Based on the results of the first selection, shortlisted participants (top 3 of each the 6 categories) will be required to do a live 15mn presentation in front of the CICTA judges. The Winners will be awarded during the CICTA Prize Award Ceremony presided over by The Minister of MPTC. Cambodia ICT Award 201516

17 Judging Panel Member of judges 1.Representative from MPTC 2.ICT Federation of Cambodia 3.Young Entrepreneur Association 4.Cambodia Investor Club 5.National University of Management 6.Development Innovation (NGO) 7.ICS Cambodia (Social Enterprise) Cambodia ICT Award 201517

18 Schedule Cambodia ICT Award 201518

19 Contact Contact Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC) Mr. Rapid SUN Mr. Eang Kamrang Director of R&D CenterDirector of ICT Industry Tel: +855 (0)16 868984Tel: +855 (0)12 713714 Cambodia ICT Award 201519

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