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Real-time Communication WeeSan Lee

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1 Real-time Communication WeeSan Lee

2 Async. vs Sync. Communication Asynchronous Communication (flex-time)  Email, mailing list, newsgroup, blogging, forum, etc Synchronous Communication (real-time)  IM, VoIP, etc

3 IM Instant Messaging  Real-time text communication between 2 or more parties AKA chat programs “IM” has become a verb  “Please IM me.”

4 How does IM work? Hello IM Server IM Client 1IM Client 2IM Client 3

5 IM - Examples talk, ntalk, ytalk on Unix IRC ICQ AIM Yahoo! Messenger MSN Messenger Google Talk Jabber Sametime Gaim

6 IM - talk, ntalk, ytalk

7 IM - IRC Internet Relay Chat One of the first multi-user real-time communication

8 IM - Others ICQ  I seek you  AIM  Yahoo! Messenger  MSN Messenger  Windows Live Messenger  Google Talk 

9 IM - Others Jabber  An xml-based IM  Sametime  An enterprise, java-based IM from Lotus/IBM  Gaim  A unified messenger  Renamed to Pidgin 

10 Features Online Status Buddies (AIM), Contacts (MSN), Friends (Yahoo) Blocking Private Chat Rooms File Sharing Whiteboard

11 Chat Etiquette Do not use all caps Use emoticons to friends Chat rooms are fraught with adult chat

12 IM in the Workplace Studies showed that IM improves productivity  Among colleagues  Provides immediate support to the clients Be aware of security issues  Do not use public servers

13 VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol Turns the analog signals of voice into digital signals that can be transmitted over the Internet Requirement  Microphone  Speakers/headphones  Full-duplex sound card Use headset if possible

14 VoIP - Examples Most IM clients support VoIP Others  Netmeeting  Skype SkypeOut  PCs → landlines SkypeIn  Landlines → PCs

15 VoIP (cont) Pros  Inexpensive  Clear Cons  Unavailable when the network is down or power outage  911 issues

16 References Internet Effectively  Ch 11 - Real-time Communication IM 

17 Homework 8 Read "Whole Foods CEO Attacked Rival Online"  3048457.shtml 3048457.shtml Read "Whole Foods CEO sorry for anonymous Web posts"  60820070717?sp=true 60820070717?sp=true Post your own comments in 100-150 words by clicking on "Add a new question“ button below by next Mon (11/19) @ 23:55pm Reply one of the comments from others by next Tue (11/20) @ 23:55pm.

18 Homework 8 In general, is it ethical for a CEO of a company to blog or post comments, especially the bad ones, about its rivals on a public forum anonymously? Or, is it perfectly fine because the CEO is exercising his/her freedom of speech? If this is the case, do you think the comments posted would be unbiased? Would they be qualified as "insider" information?

19 Homework 8 In the case of Whole Foods' CEO, he posted bad comments about its rival a week before Whole Foods announced to acquire it. Do you think he blogged for personal gain? The CEO of Whole Foods did not admitted he had done anything wrong at first, a week later, he apologized for what he did. Do you think he should be punished? Anything you could related to the 2 articles above.

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