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Providing Access to Higher Education: The University of California Experience UC Counselor Conferences September 2014.

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1 Providing Access to Higher Education: The University of California Experience UC Counselor Conferences September 2014

2 The University of California has a long-standing commitment to enrolling a student body that encompasses all of California. To maintain access and compliance under the law, the university reshaped its approach to college preparation to integrate school, educator and student interventions. Commitment to Diversity

3 Curricular Standards Educator Professional Development Student Academic Preparation School and Community Partnerships Admissions Policy Financial Aid Policy Student Retention and Completion Graduate Student Outreach and Support An Integrated, School-Focused Approach

4 Curricular Standards Access to and rigor in college preparation classes OBJECTIVE Ensure that every California student has access to high-quality, academically challenging courses that prepare them for UC STRATEGY Faculty certification of courses from California high schools used to satisfy 15 “a-g” subject requirements for admission

5 Educator Development Rigorous, relevant instruction and high-quality information OBJECTIVE Increase student achievement in core subjects STRATEGY Help educators improve instructional practices and course development, and that ensure that students receive high-quality information about academic preparation for UC PROGRAMS CSMPPrincipal Leader Institutes UCCI Counselor Conferences

6 Student Academic Preparation College and university matriculation OBJECTIVE Ensure that low-income, educationally disadvantaged students prepare for and matriculate into college STRATEGY Provide academic preparation, enrichment, college advising, college and financial aid application support to students PROGRAMS EAOPMESA PuenteTES UC TAPUC Scout

7 School and Community Partnerships Address systemic achievement gaps OBJECTIVE Ensure deep engagement in schools by business, industry and community to raise achievement for all students and eliminate gaps among groups of students STRATEGY Collaborate and create partnerships that prepare all students for high academic performance PROGRAMS P-20 AlliancesUCE GEAR UPUC LINKS

8 Student Persistence and Completion College and university matriculation and completion OBJECTIVE Prepare undergraduates for public service careers by helping low-income, educationally disadvantaged students prepare, matriculate into and complete college. STRATEGIES Programs and peer support groups targeted to specific student populations increase college retention and completion. EFFORTS 2014 UCSA Student of Color Conference Black Student Organization Latino Student Association

9 Admissions Policy Achieve diversity among the student body OBJECTIVE Eliminate barriers to access and reduce disparities under the law to enhance and maintain the diversity of UC campuses STRATEGIES Adopt UC-wide policies and procedures that contribute to a diverse student body EFFORTS Local context admissions pathway Comprehensive review for undergraduate admissions

10 Graduate Education OBJECTIVE Increase the diversity of graduate student and postdoctoral scholar populations at UC. STRATEGIES Increase access to information and opportunities to engage in UC graduate and professional studies and internships. EFFORTS UC-HBCU Initiative The California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

11 Best Practices Tools and intervention strategies that work Research based… Early and frequent university engagement Access to academic information Long-term & sustained partnerships Teaching & learning

12 Outcomes Underrepresented Minorities as Percentage of UC Admits

13 Outcomes UC Enrollees Yield for UC Academic Preparation Participants and all UC Freshman

14 Outcomes Leadership Preparation UC PREPARED TEACHERS  49% of pre-service teachers from underrepresented groups  83% rated as having capacity to reflect on student learning to inform instruction  70% of principals rated their UC prepared, beginning teachers in the top 25%  A majority employed in schools with 70% free/reduced priced meals  41% employed at a low API (1-5) school PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP INSTITUTES  922 Graduates (2000-2013)  96% Employed in low performing schools  56% Female  16% African American, 26% Latino, 15% Asian, 30% White, 12% Other

15 Lessons Learned Using data to improve efforts Opportunity/Achievement gap for African American students State budget constraints Structural Inequities Robust K-12 and IHE partnerships

16 Learn More Online resources for practitioners Planning UC admissions: Education Partnerships : Subject area requirements: Undocumented student resources: K-12 Partnership Publication:

17 Thank you!

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