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Essay Writing 101 APUSH 2014-2015.

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1 Essay Writing 101 APUSH

2 The Exam Writing component HTS
Section I, Part B: Short-answer questions 4 questions, 45 min. (20%) Section II, Part A and Part B: DBQ, LEQ DBQ- 60 min. (25%) LEQ- chosen from 2, 35 min. (15%) HTS Argumentation Using evidence Contextualization Interpretation Synthesis

3 Prompt HTS What will you be asked to do in a prompt? Causation CCOT
Identify, analyze, evaluate cause-and-effect relationships Long term vs. proximate CCOT Recognize, analyze, evaluate CCOT over periods of time Relate patterns to larger historical context, themes Periodization Describe, analyze, evaluate, construct models of periodization Categorize events into blocks, ID turning points Comparison Describe, compare, evaluate various developments ID, compare, evaluate multiple perspectives

4 The Big four model arch-types

5 Historical causation Cause and effect Pre-write chart examples
Prompts: Explain the major causes and consequences of the American Civil War. Evaluate the extent to which westward expansion led to the development of sectionalism prior to 1860. Explain the major political and economic causes and consequences for the growth of big business in American society from

6 Continuity and change over time
CCOT- what stayed the same and what changed? Pre-write chart examples See board for others Prompts: Evaluate the extent to which trans-Atlantic interactions from contributed to maintaining continuity as well as fostered change in labor systems in the British North American colonies. Identify and analyze the changing role of women within American society from the American Revolution to the Civil War. Evaluate major changes and continuities in the social and economic experiences of African Americans who migrated from the rural South to urban areas in the North in the period

7 Comparison Compare AND contrast Pre-write charts Prompts:
Compare and contrast the New England colonies with the colonies in the Chesapeake. Be sure to address two of these three characteristics in your answer: political, economic, and social patterns

8 Periodization OR take a position (TAP) Pre-write chart Prompts
To what extent were the Articles of Confederation successful in dealing with the problems faced by the new nation after the American Revolution? Evaluate the extent to which the Spanish-American War was a turning point in foreign policy in the United States. Historians have argued that the Era of Good Feelings was a misnomer. To what extent is this true politically and economically?

9 The Beginning. . . Read the question and figure out WHAT it is asking
Analyze, Assess/Evaluate, Compare/Contrast, Describe, Discuss, Explain How many questions are there within the question? Pre-write: Outline your answer What is the question asking you FOR? What is the question asking you TO DO?

10 Intro & Thesis Body Conclusion “What I am going to show you.” SHOW me!
The Essay Structure Part of Essay It’s Function or Job Intro & Thesis Body Conclusion “What I am going to show you.” SHOW me! “What I just showed you.” Thesis is usually the last sentence of the introduction

11 The Thesis Purpose is to state your position AND ANSWER THE QUESTION!
Your thesis is your theory on the answer to the question. OWN IT! Intro. Paragraph usually contains 3 elements: A background to the question of your thesis Thesis statement Intro. to main ideas or points of your essay that will be supported in the body Analysis is KEY Take a position! Don’t just write about the prompt and list facts, but choose a position and DEFEND IT with historical facts, documents. Persuade your reader that your analysis is correct based on info., facts, or documents. (WHY did A cause B or to what extent did A impact B)

12 In this paper, I am going to prove that. . .
Your thesis is a blueprint! An introduction to the main ideas and points to be developed, supported in your essay ALL parts of your essay should support your thesis IF YOU DON’T HAVE A THESIS, YOU DON’T HAVE A PAPER!

13 Basic example prompt BARTOW LAKELAND
Compare and contrast the cities of, and Mrs. Scully’s experiences with, Bartow and Lakeland. BARTOW Works in Small town Orange/blue/Jackets A few lakes Not much shopping Entertainment found elsewhere LAKELAND Lives in Larger town Orange/black/’Naughts Many lakes Shopping options Entertainment Friends, FSC BOTH Towns in Polk County, Mrs. Scully spends a lot of time there, locally owned restaurants, same division in sports

14 The end of this sentence will serve as your thesis statement!
Simple format In this paper, I am going to prove that ___________________. DO NOT WRITE THE UNDERLINED PORTION! Compare and contrast the cities of, and Mrs. Scully’s experiences with, Bartow and Lakeland. In this paper, I am going to prove that ___________________ Bartow and Lakeland are both important to Mrs. Scully. Although both towns are located in Polk County and offer a variety of local eating establishments, Bartow is much smaller and has less to offer in the form of entertainment than Lakeland. As a larger city, Lakeland has more shopping and leisure activities than Bartow. The end of this sentence will serve as your thesis statement!

15 Irish format The Irish Thesis Formula
X. However, A, B, and C. Therefore, Y. X= the strongest point against your argument. THE COUNTER ARGUMENT A, B, C = the three STRONGEST points for your argument. ORGANIZATION CATEGORIES Y= the position you will be taking YOUR STAND ON THE PROMPT

16 Compare and contrast the cities of, and Mrs
Compare and contrast the cities of, and Mrs. Scully’s experiences with, Bartow and Lakeland. Bartow and Lakeland are both towns in Polk County which have similar eating restaurants and will face the same challenges during sports competitions. However, the locations and size of each city varies, both have different mascots and school colors, and Mrs. Scully spends different parts of her day in different capacities within each town. Therefore, despite some common features, Lakeland and Bartow are very different cities.

17 Thesis tips You have to find a happy medium with information
Don’t be too general and don’t be too specific Bartow and Lakeland have many similarities and differences Bartow and Lakeland are both in the western area of Polk County and both offer diners options to eat at Palace Pizza, to have Cuban food, Mexican food, or one of the many fast-food chains in town. Despite these commonalities, Lakeland has a movie theater and multiple shopping areas whereas Bartow does not. Don’t give it all away! You want your reader to keep reading!

18 Irish thesis- causation
What are the major causes or consequences of _______? X- least important cause or consequence and why A,B,C- most important causes/consequences, w hy, broken up into categories Y- your assertion statement

19 Irish thesis- CCOT What are the major patterns of continuity and change over the time period and was there more continuity or change over that period? X- continuity or change, your counter-argument (the “less”) A,B,C- continuity or change during the specific period, broken up into categories Y- your assertion statement

20 Irish thesis- Comparison
What similarities and differences are there between the two things, are there more similarities or differences and why (account for those similarities and differences) X- more similar or different, your counter-argument A,B,C- similarities or differences between the two things, broken up into categories Y- your assertion statement

21 Irish thesis- Periodization
Evaluate whether something was a turning point or a major marking period in history, noting what things were like before and after that period X- counter-argument, why something was or was not a turning point A,B,C- argument, why something was/was not a turning point broken up into categories Y- your assertion statement


23 Your turn! Are the economies of the Northern and Southern colonies more similar or different? What HTS? What do you have to do? What is the question asking? Pre-write! X. However, A,B,C. Therefore, Y.

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