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Abiator’s Online Learning Styles Inventory By: Johnna Hetrick EDR 626.

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1 Abiator’s Online Learning Styles Inventory By: Johnna Hetrick EDR 626

2 Overview of the Website Website Address: lsiframe.html One multiple intelligences test Two learning style inventory tests

3 Multiple Intelligences Test The purpose of this test is to find out how which of the Gardner’s 8 multiple intelligences the students are the strongest in. Students take the quiz on the website and the results appear on a bar graph when done Informal Assessment

4 The Eight Intelligences Bodily/ Kinesthetic -Enjoy movement and learn by doing -Generally are good at physical activities like sports and dance -May enjoy acting or performing and are good at making things

5 Interpersonal Enjoy interacting with others Learn well by working with others Enjoy discussion and/ or debates

6 Verbal-Linguistic Has to do with words, either spoken or written Learn best by reading, taking notes or listening Frequently good at explaining or teaching things to others

7 Logical-Mathematical Has to do with logic, reasoning and mathematics Excel in reasoning, scientific thinking and performing calculations

8 Naturalistic Has do to with nature and relating to your natural surroundings Sensitivity to nature, enjoy animals and able to grow things well Learn best by being outside

9 Intrapersonal Has to do with self observation and reflection Prefer to work alone

10 Visual-Spatial Good at visualizing and mentally manipulating objects Good at solving puzzles Strong visual memory

11 Musical Has to do with rhythm and music Interested in singing or playing a musical instrument Learn best by hearing information

12 Learning Styles Inventory To give students and teachers the opportunity to find out the way in which they learn the best. 3 learning styles (Visual, Auditory & Tactile/Kinesthetic) Detailed information on the website

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