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Major Religions of India

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1 Major Religions of India
Hinduism Islam Buddhism

2 3 Main Gods Hinduism Brahma Shiva Vishnu
The Creator The Destroyer The Preserver

3 Hinduism Sacred Text: Vedas/Upanishads
Every individual has a soul which is part of a larger soul called ATMAN. The goal of life is to “free the soul from individual existence through a reunion with Atman” This takes more than one lifetime.(belief in reincarnation) Hinduism encourages: Truth, respect for life and detachment from the material world.

4 Hinduism Caste System: A division of society based differences of wealth, inherited rank or occupation. Priests Fighters/Warriors Farmers and Workers Slaves Outcastes

5 Hinduism You work your way up the Caste System by following the rules of Hindu society and having good KARMA. Karma-All actions in a persons life that affect his or her fate in the next life.

6 Hinduism Hindu Belief System
Belief in many gods. 3 main gods-Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva. Believe in ATMAN. Believe in the CASTE SYSTEM. Belief in KARMA. Belief in REINCARNATION.

7 Islam Islam=Submission to gods will 1.1 Billion adherents worldwide
Founder-Muhammad “Let the Koran always be your guide, do what it commands; shun what it forbids.”

8 5 Pillars of Islam Believe in one god Pilgrimage to Mecca
Pray 5x per day Fast during Ramandan Give Alms

9 1st Pillar of Islam Believe in one God Allah

10 2nd Pillar of Islam Pray 5x Per Day 4am 12:10 3:20 5:30 7:20

11 3rd Pillar of Islam Giving Alms Concern for the less fortunate

12 4th Pillar of Islam Fast during Ramandan
No eating during daylight hours of the holy month of Ramandan

13 Make Pilgramage to Mecca
5th Pillar of Islam Make Pilgramage to Mecca Take a trip to Mecca at least once in your lifetime-Worship at the Kaaba.

14 Muslims believe in... Equality (no caste) The Koran (holy book)
One God (Allah) Final Judgement Abraham, Moses and Jesus as prophets

15 Buddhism 334 Million adherents worldwide Founder: Siddhartha Gautama
Founded on the 4 noble truths

16 4 Noble truths #1 Pain and Misery are universal
#2 The Cause of pain and misery is desire #3 The way to end suffering is to overcome desire by reaching the state of NIRVANA #4 The way to reach nirvana is to follow the Middle Way

17 The Middle Way Stressed...
Good Conduct and compassion for living things, right knowledge, right intentions, right speech and right conduct.

18 Buddhists believe In no gods
that all people could achieve nirvana by following the middle way in equality (no caste system)

19 IMAGES India

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