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The Beginnings of Industrialization

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1 The Beginnings of Industrialization
Chapter 25, Section 1

2 Before the Industrial Revolution
Industrial Revolution – the greatly increased output of machine-made goods that began in England in the mid – 1700’s. Before the Industrial Revolution, people wove textiles by hand

3 Before Industrialization – Agricultural Revolution
New Techniques in Agriculture paved the way for the IR. Jethro Tull’s seed drill

4 Enclosure Wealthy landowners enclosed their massive plots of land with fence or hedges. They could cultivate larger fields. Landowners experimented with more productive seeding and harvesting methods to boost crop yields Jethro Tull – THE SEED DRILL

5 Crop Rotation Improvement on the three-field system
System of growing a different crop each year to preserve the fertility of the land

6 Improvements in Livestock
Improved methods of breeding led to larger animals. Between 1700 and the average weight for lambs climbed from 18 – 50 pounds.

7 Effects of the Agricultural Rev.
Food Supplies Increased Living Conditions Improved More Food + Better Living Conditions = Larger Population Larger Population = increased demand for food and goods like cloth Poor farmers lost their land and became factory workers

8 Why Did the Industrial Revolution begin in England?




12 Children Coal Miners

13 Water power and coal for the new machines
1. Natural Resources Water power and coal for the new machines Iron ore to construct machines, tools and building Rivers for transportation Harbors for trade

14 Investments in new inventions
2. Expanding Economy Investments in new inventions Highly developed banking system that encouraged bank loans to invest in new machinery Growing overseas trade

15 3. Political Stability in Britain
No wars occurred ON British soil in the 1700’s. Parliament passed laws to encourage and protect business

16 In Conclusion Britain had all of the FACTORS OF PRODUCTION necessary for an Industrial Revolution Factors of Production – the resources needed to produce goods and services that the IR required. Land, labor and capital (wealth).

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