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Higher Education Information Evening for Parents March 2015

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1 Higher Education Information Evening for Parents March 2015
Changing lives through learning Welcome to BHASVIC Higher Education Information Evening for Parents March 2015

2 Housekeeping Safety & Seats Website & Notes Schedule
19:00 – 19:15 Introduction 19:15 – 19:45 Applying to HE 19:45 – 20:15 Student Finance 20:15 – 20:30 Q&A

3 BHASVIC Students 2015 Is HE for me? Difficulty of the decision
More at stake Wider opportunities Greater competition More information (in their pockets!) Amazing rewards More help (or interference!)

4 Student Destinations Significant outcome for students – more so than results? 9 of every 10 BHASVIC students go to Uni Success 10% above (Russell and all sectors) Medicine: National = 1 in 10, BHASVIC = 1 in 2 Oxbridge: National = 1 in 5, BHASVIC = 3 in 5

5 HESA Data Degree 1st Good (1st & 2:1) Completed 16% 67% 94% 69% 95%
State 16% 67% 94% Sixth Form College 69% 95% Independent 72% 97% BHASVIC 20% 82% 98%

6 Widening Participation
Students with greater barriers doing just as well in accessing HE. BHASVIC bucking the national gender trend. BHASVIC students in demand locally, not just HE. We are increasing our specialist support.

7 HE Options UCAS Very well established support
Our process outlined in booklet Deadlines very important International HE increasingly global market Applications can be laborious Communicate with tutor a.s.a.p.

8 Wider Progression Options
School Leaver schemes Gap Year Further study Employment

9 School Leaver schemes Some current options that we are promoting:
Network Rail Apprentices Programme Deloitte BrightStart Scheme BDO School Leaver Programme HOP (Hemsley Orrell Partnership) Fresh Egg “Discover Risk”

10 Gap Year Why have a gap year? Try new experiences Develop new skills
Build confidence Gain independence Gain time – post results application Maturity – improved outcomes in HE for older students

11 Gap Year What could a gap year include?
Travel/ Volunteering – a lot of info Work Experience – highly valued Apprenticeships –usually last 12 months Year in Industry – many opportunities Work abroad- eg au pair/Camp America Holiday – Recharge/Life experience

12 Further Study FE College, Open University, Online study
Courses & Qualifications Higher Diplomas Specialist Vocational Courses (e.g. Counsellor, Financial Advisor, Pilot, National Service Academy) Part-time degrees Short courses to develop new skills

13 Employment A-levels valued by employers
Networks, websites and local advice essential Gain advice on reasons and longer term planning A lot of resources and support available at BHASVIC

14 BHASVIC Careers Service
Two fully qualified careers advisers 5 Days per week service Lynne Trower Victoria Raynard To book an appointment: Pop in to the Student Services Centre

15 Communications Encourage your child to take responsibility
Personal Tutor - first port of call Changes of staff over summer Results Day on Thursday 13 August is start of communications. Priorities are: A2 with no places A1 with course failures Full offer of IAG in September

16 Next up Angus Stroud Higher Education

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