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On Women’s Right to Suffrage

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1 On Women’s Right to Suffrage
Susan B. Anthony

2 Persuasive Techniques: Repetition
Rhetorical Questions Valid or Faulty Support? Opinion Generalization Over Generalization Bias

3 Opinion May be supported by factual evidence, but cannot be proved
Best Worst I think I believe therefore so because however always anything nothing never no one anyone everyone

4 Generalization Opinion based on facts, but not always true
therefore so because ipso facto

5 Overgeneralization An opinion too extreme to be supported by facts
Always never anything everything nothing nobody only everyone anybody everybody



8 Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting in an election
Audience: local citizens and friends “Friends and Fellow Citizens” Topic: Women’s Suffrage Position: Pro Women are citizens and have the legal right to vote

9 Motivation Suffrage means the right to vote
Women are asking for a say in who governs us

10 Discrimination against women is illegal because women are persons and therefore citizens.
She appeals to logic and authority when she cites Webster, Worcster and Bouvier ( all dictionaries) and their definition of person. “Any citizen can vote and hold office.” She uses a rhetorical question “Are women persons?”

11 Appeal to Authority- The Preamble to the Constitution
The Union was formed by all people Preamble supports her position with facts Women are people

12 Persuasive Devices Repetition- oligarchy- small group ruling the majority- white men Rhetorical Question- “Are women persons?” Connotation- Downright mockery What they stand to lose -harmonious homes as this causes dissension in families. She compares the plight of women to the plight of African-Americans

13 Reading: Use Clue Words to Distinguish Fact From Opinion
1. Women are persons. 2. Look up citizen in the dictionaries mentioned. 3. Mockery is a word that states how the author feels about the situation. 4. Every is a word that signals an extreme statement.

14 Literary Analysis: Persuasive Techniques
1. A. The repetition of the word half followed by whole reminds readers of the unequal rights of women and men in America. B. Yes, because it emphasizes the difference 2. Yes, women are persons. Yes, because I think women are persons, so it seems unfair to deny them the vote. 3. hateful, aristocracy, oligarchy It makes you think less of them.

15 Vocabulary 1. True A will ensures that descendents receive the intended gifts. 2. False The trip probably would not be enjoyable because there would be a lot of arguing. 3. False America’s founders promoted democracy, in which citizens vote on their own laws. B C A B

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