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Outsourced Catering & Educational Institutions

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1 Outsourced Catering & Educational Institutions

2 PRESENTER Martin Angell Specialist Advisor – (Catering)
Crescent Purchasing Consortium Tel:

3 CONTENT 1.3 Intro & Content Information 4. Bio Overview – Martin Angell (Operations & Catering) 5,6 & 7 Key Considerations – Outsourced Catering 8. Step by Step Process - Outsourced Catering Process 9. Case Studies – “Live Experiences of our Members” 10. Compare & Contrast – In House Catering/External Catering 11. How we can help if your considering Outsourced Catering 12. The Future is Bright – Opportunities and Innovations 13. Summary & Thank You

4 A little bit about my background…
40 years in the Catering Industry initially in the Hotel Sector before moving into the Educational sector where I managed a College Catering service. Built up a wealth of contacts & catering experience which supports positive collaboration across the education sector. I was on the Board of Directors for TUCO the University Catering organisation working on behalf of the college sector, where the Catering service was operated in-house. Working Colleges and Academies to optimise overall cost savings for the institution. Passionate about providing a tailored catering service to the specific audience I am working with Colleges & Academies‘ offering a wide range of services including replicating the High Street.

5 What are your Basic Catering considerations?
When deciding whether to operate with In House or External Catering you need to think about what type of service is required for the College, Academy or School. By thinking about the strategy of the institution, this will help you decide on the best option that fits the institutions needs. 3 Failsafe Considerations: Catering team is part of your institutions business, whether the service is outsourced or in-house. Essential that quality is paramount in the service offering whilst at the same time optimising costs. An important area is the customer experience via the new catering offering. It is good to include the end user to ensure real time feedback.

6 “Mini Competition” Contract Catering Considerations…
Catering Framework agreement has been awarded as a result of a full EU Tender Exercise. To ensure that you maintain the EU cover, you should follow these mandatory processes when engaging with suppliers on the framework agreement. The framework agreement is for the provision of Outsourced Catering Services. The Contract is managed by CPC. Following Suppliers are on the Framework Agreement: ( Aramark, Catering Academy, Caterlink, ISS, Mellors, Midshire, OCS, Pabulum, Redcliffe & Sodexo). When carrying out a mini competition and depending on value, you must take into consideration institutions financial regulations. (It is important to highlight that EU Law takes precedence). Members have 4 Options if they wish to proceed: 1. Conduct the exercise internally – self serve options 2. Utilise the CPC Catering Specialist – work with a specialist operator 3. Utilise own Consultant – preferred working methods 4. Utilise CPC Partner Consultant – Impartial advice and support

7 Contract Catering “Mini Competition” - Process
Step 1 Initial Meeting & Profile of Institution Step 2 - Process Production of Mini Competition Document Feedback from Institution on Capital Investment Step 3 Briefing Meeting Institutions & Suppliers together with Specialist Catering Contact or discuss all information available Step 6 - Presentations Evaluation team and catering specialist will score the submissions using the awards criteria before deciding on final\l offer Step 5 – Evaluation Process The Specialist will collaborate with all of the contractors to let them know outcomes and evaluation. Step 4 Document Preparation/Submission Additional Information supplied to Contractors

8 Outsourced Catering - Case Studies Live Experiences
North Durham & Consett Academy Aim was to improve catering facilities for students & staff. Fresh Food, high street brands, local suppliers and collaboration to obtain best value for money. Smooth Mini Competition process in less than 2 months Financial Savings anticipated over the life of the contracts 0.5 Million Mid Kent College & Newbury College Mini Competition completed in 6 weeks. Six companies involved with competition. Four companies went forward after review and provided new innovations. Investment & Return offered was between £25,000 to £140,000 Outcome – Mid Kent decided to stay with current supplier but gained further new innovations and £30k in investment for the college and catering facilities.

9 How CPC can help you with Outsourced Catering
Customer Service & Helpdesk Field Procurement Advisors Hand Holding and Navigation through the CPC Framework and EU process Real life experience of catering and education institutions Collaborative and partner support Business profiling to optimise opportunities available

10 Summary Decide on a strategy for your college – In House/External Catering and what does the institution want to deliver to its pupils Considerations for Outsourced Catering and In House Catering when making a decisions The Benefits & Support of CPC and its team. Growth & Collaboration of institutions sharing ideas and innovations.

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