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Introduction to Electrification of Transportation

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1 Introduction to Electrification of Transportation
Dr. Shuo Wang Power Electronics and Electrical Power Research Lab University of Florida Feb. 25, 2015

2 Why Electrification of Transportation?
Oil Crisis 50 years Source: IEEE-USA 2012

3 Low Energy Efficiency of Conventional Vehicles
Source: ECCE 2011

4 Environmental Issues Greenhouse effect Air Pollution (Freon)
Carbon dioxide CO2

5 Oil Crisis 50 years

6 Customer Comfort Bullet Train
More smooth, more quiet and more comfortable (more electric aircraft)

7 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

8 What is Power Electronics?
Power electronics is the applications of solid-state electronics for the control and conversion of electric power (AC: Alternating current, DC: Direct current) AC-DC Adapter PC DC/DC module DC-DC Data center DC-AC Grid tied inverter Alternative Energy AC-AC Generator Aircraft

9 Power Electronics Research on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
EV Battery Charging: DC/DC Converter Motor Drive: DC/AC Inverter Starter Generator: AC/DC-DC/AC Bidirectional Inverter Electric Machines

10 Hybrid Electric Vehicles Types
Source: ECCE 2011

11 Electrification Technologies
Source: ECCE 2011

12 Trend of Electrification of Vehicles
Source: ECCE 2011

13 Trend of Electrification of Vehicles
Source: ECCE 2011

14 EV and HEV are to be very Popular in 20-30 Years
60% EV and HEV’s share on light duty vehicle market 2010 2030 US will build a charging station network to adapt this trend

15 Electric Charging Stations
Conventional Functions: Charge your EV battery Sell energy from your EV battery to grid Charging Time 15-20 Hours 3-10 Hours <½ Hours (<1.5kW) (50kW) (5-10kW) Charging Power Level 3

16 Renewable energy sources Multifunctional EV fast charging station
Future Electric Vehicle Charging Systems Renewable energy sources Energy storage Communications Cloud computing data center 4G Sensors Multifunctional EV fast charging station Electric vehicle Medium voltage grid

17 An EV charging Station Network in a Metro Area

18 Future Green, High Speed Train is Powered by Electricity
Overhead power line Pantograph (Overhead contact) Onboard energy storage More than 300 miles/hour

19 Introduction to Electric Train

20 More Electric and All Electric Aircraft

21 Trend of Electrification of Aircraft
Source: IEEE-USA 2012

22 Trend and Issues of Electrification of Aircraft
PEEPRL is working on them Source: IEEE-USA 2012

23 Integrated Electrical Power Systems
Source: IEEE-USA 2012

24 Smart and Green Power Source: IEEE-USA 2012

25 More Electric Airplanes

26 Comparison of Conventional and More Electric Airplane

27 Questions?

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