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2 The Moment You Know Proven results Engaging experiences A trusted partner

3 MyPsychLab Features Features to help you achieve success in this course: Self-assessment with instant feedback to help you prepare for tests and exams Customized study plans based on your assessment results help you to focus on the material you need to Multimedia resources such as audio, video, simulations, animations and more A complete eText that you can highlight, make notes in, search, and zoom

4 MyPsychLab Registration Step 1 1. Go to 2. Select Students under Register or Buy Access

5 MyPsychLab Registration Step 2 Select No, my course doesn’t require an ID. **You will be asked to enter your Course ID later.

6 MyPsychLab Registration Step 3 Select MyPsychLab

7 MyPsychLab Registration Step 4 Select Yes, I already have an access code or No, I need to buy access

8 MyPsychLab Login Step 5 Select the textbook being used in your course. Books are listed alphabetically by author.

9 MyPsychLab Login Step 6 Select Yes if your access code is for MyPsychLab with eText or No if your access code is for MyPsychLab without eText.

10 MyPsychLab Registration Step 7 Review the privacy policy and click I Accept if you agree

11 MyPsychLab Registration Step 8 Create your Username and Password and enter your Access Code. If you already have an existing Pearson account, enter in your existing Login.

12 MyPsychLab Registration Step 9 Enter in your Personal Information

13 Your next visit… 1. Return to 2. Select Sign In

14 Your next visit… Enter your Username and Password

15 Your next visit… Click on MyPsychLab under “Your Courses and Products”

16 MyPsychLab Course ID You will automatically be enrolled into Self-Study. If your instructor gives you a Course ID, click on Enroll in a Course and enter your Course ID.

17 MyPsychLab Registration Help If you experience trouble registering or logging in, please contact Customer Technical Support at Email: 24/7 availability Chat: 24/7 availability Did you know? Over 80% of questions we receive through Tech Support can be answered by searching our site through the Knowledge Base. Try a search before contacting us! Contact your instructor only after you have received an INCIDENT NUMBER from Customer Technical Support. Your instructor will escalate it to the local Pearson representative if you require more assistance

18 MyPsychLab Help Additional student support available at

19 Pearson Students Get involved. Share your success stories and let us know your ideas on how we can improve our products. We can’t do it without your help!

20 How to obtain the required materials Your Campus Bookstore… Is convenient: no shipping, no waiting, easy returns Has the correct materials at competitive prices Employs and trains student workers Supports student activities on campus Helps reduce your carbon footprint Visit to learn more about why your Campus Bookstore is the best place to buy your course Your Campus Bookstore is the best place to purchase course materials. Why?

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