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Totalitarian Socratic seminar

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1 Totalitarian Socratic seminar

2 The Essential Questions
How did Totalitarian leaders use their power to influence people? How did these leaders influence the political, social, and economic role of their country in the world? Compare the totalitarian regimes of Mussolini, Hitler, and Stalin. Evaluate the rise to power, foreign policy, and common characteristics of these totalitarian regimes.

3 The Rise of Totalitarianism…Background Reading
Let’s review the rise of: Mussolini and Italy Stalin and the Soviet Union Hitler and Nazi Germany

4 Criteria of totalitarian regimes
Look back at the following resources: Totalitarian Dictators Lecture Guide From Lenin to Stalin Lecture Guide The Rise of Hitler & Mussolini Lecture Guide Brainstorm (verbally) examples of how Totalitarian Dictators were able to control people using the following strategies… Indoctrination Propaganda Censorship Terror Charisma One Party Rule Economic Control Extreme Nationalism

5 Evaluating “rise to power”
Read “Ascent of the Dictators” How did Totalitarian Dictators exhibit their increasing control over people and their country? Think: Which criteria of Totalitarian Dictators did they use? How did they use it? Use this information to complete Part I

6 Evaluating “aggressive Foreign policy”
Read “Aggressive Foreign Policy” Underline the key phrases which reflect the aggressive foreign policies of the totalitarian states. Think: What are Italy, Germany, and the Soviet Union doing to other countries? Use this information to complete Part I

7 totalitarian Timeline
Using your book and the provided readings, match the events by writing the appropriate number in the correct box. You may also refer to the Map of Europe (1939).

8 Totalitarian Socratic seminar

9 Primary source Analysis







16 Map of Africa 1939

17 Totalitarian Socratic seminar

18 Comparing Regimes & Finding Evidence
Your ultimate goal is to be able to discuss your knowledge and opinions and those of your peers in response to the essential questions in a Socratic Seminar. Review Questions (top of prep handout) How to consolidate your information and use it as evidence in your discussion (Part III of your handout) Review Rules & Rubric

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