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HP Asset Hub Support through Service Central

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1 HP Asset Hub Support through Service Central
Training Deck January, 2015

2 Advantages in using Service Central for Asset Hub requests
Log a web ticket and select your most suitable service option. Search & review tickets submitted through the portal (user dashboard); add comments & update existing tickets, re-open ‘closed’ tickets within 3 working days. Ticket status notification – Receive a system generated message when a ticket is created, updated or closed. The closure notification will consist of a complete resolution, link to the ticket on the web, contact information & attachments (if applicable).

3 How do I login to Service Central?

4 How to login to Service Central
Option 1: Through the Asset Hub Resource Center Go to the Asset Hub Resource Center You will find all the Service Central related information within the Help section

5 How to login to Service Central
Option 2: Direct login HP employees can login in two ways: Using their HP ID and NT Password Using a Digital Badge Use the following link: External customers can login using HP Passport . If not available already, click the Create an account button in order to start the process of requesting one. Use the following link: aspx 1 2 1 2

6 How do I raise a ticket for Asset Hub using Service Central?

7 How to raise a ticket Step 1: Mouse-over Marketing section
Step 2: Select HP Asset Hub. 1 2

8 How to raise a ticket Step 3: On the new page, mouse- over the service that best suits your needs. The third level of query options will show up. Step 4: Click on the option that best describes your issue. Example: If you want to ask for access upgrade, mouse-over Access , then click on Access Upgrade The tool will advance to the Access Upgrade page. Step 5:On the new page, click on the Submit a Case button. 1 2 1 2

9 How to raise a ticket Submit a Case - Ticket web form
Step 6: Fill in the form with all the required information, then click the Submit button. Your ticket is now opened and assigned to the right team. Notes: Triplet, , Region, Country and Language fields are automatically populated depending on the catalog options chosen so far and on your profile.

10 How to raise a ticket Submit a Case - Ticket web form
Step 6: Once the ticket has been submitted, you will receive an notification with a link to the ticket. Please DO NOT use this message for sending further comments or responses. And do not share accounts. If you have the need for follow-ups, please open the ticket directly in Service Central.

11 Following up on / responding to a ticket Checking the status of a ticket
For follow-ups, comments, responses on/to a ticket, or if you want to check the status of a ticket, please access the main page of Service Central; all your tickets are visible within the My Requests section. Select the respective ticket, and you will see the entire ticket history. Click here!

12 Following up on / responding to a ticket
When you receive a ticket back with a question from the helpdesk, please use the Addl Information/Comments box for your response and re-submit the ticket.

13 How to raise a ticket Query options for Asset Hub – choose the one that best suits your needs 2nd level catalog 3rd level catalog Access Access Upgrade Login Issue Password Error HP Passport Issue Technical Issue Enhancement Request Function not Working System is down System is slow Upload or Download Issues Content Management Publishing Issues Publishing Requests Upload or Download Requests Other Content Requests General Request Comms Request Feedback Non AH Queries Profile Info Request Report Request Request for Information Training Request Other

14 Self-help knowledge base
Help yourself - check out Service Central’s Knowledge Base For immediate self-help, you can – instead of placing a query – check out the Knowledge Base in Service Central. How do I register for Asset Hub access? What if I already have an HP Passport account? What is the role of an HP sponsor? How long does it take to get access to Asset Hub once I registered? What default user rights and permissions are assigned to a user upon registration? Will user access expire?

15 Technical Issues & FAQs

16 Technical Issues & FAQs
Browser: Service Central works best with IE 10 and above, Google Chrome and Firefox. Service Central Error message: A Service Central error message is observed because of the following reasons: Submitting a ticket using the Service Central application that is in inactive mode for more than 10 min Trying to perform too many actions at the same time Solution : Close the application Perform basic trouble shooting steps like clearing the cache and temporary internet files Access Service Central from a new browser & submit your request If an error message shows up again, click on the Click here to send an link in order to escalate the issue; select the Business function and team. In the comments section describe the steps that you were performing while you encountered the error message. Based on the comments, the Service Central team will suggest troubleshooting steps and if needed they will notify IT.

17 Thank you

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