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1 Arachne

2 How does the author describe Arachne’s skill and character traits, both positive and negative?
The author describes Arachne as being more skilled than her father at weaving. Her weaving was so soft and even which made the cloth very fine. Her embroidery was so gorgeous that soon her products where know all over Greece. The author describes Arachne as a maiden famous throughout Greece even though she was not wellborn or beautiful. She was small and pale with light eyes and dusty brown hair. She was quick and graceful. Arachne was very proud of her skill, so proud in fact, that she was angered easily when the on lookers thought that Athene was the only one that could teach her to weave.

3 Obscure She lived in an obscure little village, and her father was a humble dyer of wool. Not well-known

4 Indignant Therefore when she heard them murmur, she would stop her work and turn around indignantly to say, “With my own ten fingers I gained this skill, and by hard practice from early morning till night. I never had time to stand looking as you people do while another maiden worked. Not if I had, would I give Athene credit because the girl was more skillful than I. As for Athene’s weaving, how could there be finer cloth or more beautiful embroidery than mine? If Athene herself were to come down and compete with me, she could do no better than I.” In a manner that expresses anger over an injustice.

5 “Unpack” Arachne’s prideful behavior and indignation
“Unpack” Arachne’s prideful behavior and indignation. How does it reveal her disdainful attitude? Instead of being humbled by all the praise she receives, she has become indignant toward those who say that Athene has taught her to spin and weave.

6 Obstinacy Before the group that was gathered there she would not give in; so pressing her pale lips together in obstinacy and pride, she led the goddess to one of the great looms and set herself before the other. Unwillingness to change one’s behavior or attitude

7 Describe Arachne’s reaction when she discovers that she is speaking to Athene in lines 53-67, citing textual evidence. When Arachne realizes she is speaking to Athene she turns red with embarrassment and then before the group of people she presses her lips together in obstinacy and pride. Arachne shows Athene to the other loom, challenging the goddess to a weaving contest to prove she is the better weaver.

8 How does the old woman's’ advice to Arachne express the theme of the myth? How does it signify a message about human behavior? The old woman’s advice to Arachne was that she should not claim to be equal to the immortal gods and that Arachne should ask for forgiveness for what she said. The old woman also tells Arachne that she should be content with her fame of being the best spinner and weaver that mortal eyes have ever beheld. This advice signifies that human beings should not be proud, nor overstep their bounds.

9 With a partner: You have 1 minute to discuss what happens to Arachne at the end of the myth. GO!
Arachne’s disdainful, insulting behavior causes Athene to transform her into a spider.

10 Strive The central figure was the goddess herself competing with Poseidon for possession of the city of Athens; but in the four corners were mortals who had tried to strive with gods and pictures of the awful fate that had overtaken them. compete

11 Descendants The goddess touched the rope and touched the maiden, “Live on, wicked girl,” she said. “Live on and spin, both you and your descendants.” People who come after

12 Was Arachne’s punishment justified?
Yes? No? Why? Arachne designed a pattern of scenes which showed evil or unworthy actions of the gods, how they had deceived fair maiden, resort to trickery, and appeared on earth from time to time as poor and humble people.

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