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1. 2 1. Scientific Literacy Provide students with appropriate experiences with core science ideas, scientific practices, and engineering experiences 2.

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2 2 1. Scientific Literacy Provide students with appropriate experiences with core science ideas, scientific practices, and engineering experiences 2. Instructional Efficiency Provide teachers with a complete and flexible program that reflects current research and best practices in education 3. Systemic Reform Provide schools with a program that addresses community science-achievement standards


4 4 Core ideas in science are organized into learning progressions Ideas become more complex as students get older

5 5 MODULE 20 FOSS Elementary Modules INVESTIGATIONS 3-5 Investigations per Module PARTS 3-6 Parts per Investigation Each module takes 9-12 weeks to complete.


7 7 Context: focus question and planning Activity: doing and observing Data management: recording and organizing information Analysis: discussing and writing explanations




11 11 Written record of learning Opportunity to reflect on learning Formative assessment tool Vocabulary reinforcement Parent reporting


13 “Writing reflectively can increase the retention of content information up to 400%.” David Sousa, 2002

14 14 FOSS Science Resources Expository articles and biographical sketches Scientific explanations and real-world applications for first-hand experiences Discussion questions Reinforce vocabulary


16 16 Language Arts Skills and Strategies Reading Comprehension Writing Expository Text Exercising Oral Discourse English Language Development English Learners (EL) Notes

17 17 FOSS Assessment provides Students with opportunities to reflect, communicate, self- assess, and revise their thinking Teachers with essential feedback Families with evidence of student progress

18 18 Occurs daily through teacher observation and notebook entries Integrated into flow of investigation

19 19 Survey: Prior to instruction (grades 3-6) I-Checks: After each investigation (grades 1-6) Posttest: After module is complete (grades 3-6) Benchmark Assessment Chapter Answer sheets and coding guides Next-step Strategies

20 20 Last part to most investigations is an outdoor activity Students apply what they learn in the classroom to the real world Support for how to manage time, space, materials, and students


22 22 Student Resources include Virtual investigations Student tutorials Student media library Recommended books and websites Class pages Home/school connection

23 23 Science-Centered Language Development Engaging context for developing literacy skills Scaffold instruction for English learners Embedded and Benchmark assessment Provide opportunities to determine levels of understanding Assessment Chapter Next-step strategies for moving students’ understanding and ability to communicate forward

24 24 Complete Kits include 1 Teacher Toolkit Equipment kit for 32 students Consumables for 2 class uses Measurement tools included 32 FOSS Science Resources books 1 FOSS Science Resources big book (K-2) Access code for FOSSweb content

25 25 What’s not in the kit Living Materials coupons Teacher Supplied Items Teacher Prep Videos Composition books for science notebooks Preprinted Science Notebook Spanish duplication masters (on CD and FOSSweb) Refill kits are also purchased separately

26 26 Includes Three Components: Investigations Guide (spiral-bound) Teacher Resources (binder) FOSS Science Resources (student book)

27 27 Overview Conceptual framework Teaching schedule Materials Kit inventory list First time prep Materials management suggestions Investigations Science background for the teacher Materials and prep Step-by-step instructions

28 28 Includes these chapters FOSS Introduction Assessment Science Notebooks Science-Centered Language Development Taking FOSS Outdoors FOSSweb and Technology Science Notebook Masters Teacher Masters Assessment Masters

29 29 Also includes 2 CDs PDFs of Teacher Resources chapters PDFs of Spanish Duplication Masters Spanish masters are only on CD and online; not printed PDFs also available on FOSSweb

30 30 Student book with content support for FOSS investigations Emphasis on expository articles and biographical sketches Full color photographs and illustrations K-2 softcover with Big Books 3-6 hardcover with index

31 31

32 32 Teacher Resources include Resources by Investigation Teacher Preparation Videos Investigations eGuide Equipment Photo Cards Home/School Connections Interactive Whiteboard resources

33 33 Premium Content includes FOSS Science Resources eBooks

34 34 Online Assessment Program Students can take assessments online Automatically codes assessment items Multiple-choice, multiple-answer, and short-answer questions only Teachers score open-response items manually and input the code Assign Tutorials for remediation based on student performance

35 35 Generate reports Code-Frequency Report Class-by-Item Report Class-by-Level Report Class-Frequency Report Student-by-Item Report Student Assessment Summary

36 36 Spanish Duplication Masters Available on CD in Teacher Resources and on FOSSweb Spanish FOSS Science Resources Available as e-Books only

37 37 Complete equipment kits Detailed Investigations Guide Embedded science notebooks for novice and experienced users Multiple strategies for formative assessment Benchmark assessments with online tools Module-specific readings for content and language development Outdoor experiences to extend and apply ideas to the natural world Website with interactive simulations for students and extensive resources and support for teachers

38 38 Name Email address

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