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AAL2 Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Program Presentation for the Symposium on Active Healthy Home 23 oktober 2014 Greet Bilsen.

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1 AAL2 Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Program Presentation for the Symposium on Active Healthy Ageing @ Home 23 oktober 2014 Greet Bilsen

2 2 Content Situating AAL2 AAL2 Program characteristics AAL2 evaluation procedure Joint Programming Initiatives

3 3 AAL 2: Active and Assisted Living Research and Development Program European funding program running from 2014 – 2020 supporting applied research and development on innovative ICT-enhanced services for ageing well, with a time to market of 1-3 years Driven by the Member States and (financially) supported by the EC (art. 185 (TFUE)) Successor of the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program (2008-2013)

4 4 Program aims and goal Aim: provide innovative ICT-based solutions including products, systems or services to enhance older adults’ quality of life and to strengthen the industrial base in Europe Primary goal: improving the autonomy, participation in social life, skills, and employability of older adults and the effectiveness of health and social care provision With: involvement of the entire value chain (including the end- user)

5 5 Annual calls ~ identified challenge (consultations) Open to industry (incl. SME’s), research institutes, universities & end-users of o Participating Member States Partner State specific eligibility criteria o Other countries No funding Combined EU & Partner State funding Member State dependent funding rates Program Characteristics € € € € € € € € EC MS

6 6 Topics of previous calls AAL o Call 1: Chronic Conditions o Call 2: Social Interaction o Call 3: “Self-Serve Society" o Call 4: Mobility o Call 5: Daily Life Activities (Home Care) o Call 6: Supporting Occupation in Life of Older Adults AAL2 o Call 2014: Care for the Future (An ageing society faces an increasing need for care. How will ICT contribute to sustainable solutions?) o Call 2015: topic not known yet; consultation on 3 challenges Age-friendly environments outside of the home Living well with age-related diseases & multi-morbidity Independent living at home

7 7 Participating Member States° Austria Belgium Cyprus Denmark Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Luxembourg The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom ° call 2014 Contact NCP

8 8 Call characteristics 1 call a year following an open consultation round on potential topics/challenges 1 common proposal with 1 partner acting as a coordinator electronic submission central and national eligibility check central evaluation by independent European experts proposal selection based on evaluation and selection criteria described in the Guide for Applicants

9 9 Project characteristics Aims at ICT - based solutions that meet identified end-user needs Project total budget: 1 – 7 M€ Maximum funding from the AAL2 Programme : 3 M€ Realistic business case (time-to-market < 2 to 3 years after end of the project) Significant involvement of industry and other business partners, particularly SMEs. The effort of industry and other business partners in each project is expected to be 50% or more (in person months). Proactive end - user involvement throughout the life time of the project

10 10 Evaluation procedure Proposal submission Central eligibility check National pre-eligibility check (type of organisation) Evaluation by international teams of independent experts => ranking list Selection of projects for funding Negotiations and Reconfigurations Grant Agreement

11 11 Central eligibility check Consortium must include at least: o 3 independent eligible organizations (legal entities), from at least 3 different AAL Partner States, of which : one eligible business partner one eligible SME which can be the business partner one eligible end - user organization Size of the consortium: 3 – 10 partners Duration of the project: 12 – 36 months Electronic submission of the proposal before the call deadline English as the language of the proposal Adherence to the specifications for structure and technical details (e.g. page count) of the proposal submission. Adherence to additional call-specific prerequisites

12 12 National eligibility check National funding rules ~ concrete participation conditions such as: o (in)eligibility of types of organisations o national funding quota o eligible costs o other national rules More info in Guide for Applicants or on websites of NFAs Contact your NCP before submitting a proposal.

13 13 Ranking Central evaluation of project proposals by (a panel of) independent experts from academia, industry and user organisations Evaluation criteria (score 1-5; threshold 3) o Relevance & scope o Quality of the proposed solution and workplan o Quality of the consortium and project management o Potential impact of the proposed solution on Quality of Life o Potential impact of the proposed solution on Market development

14 14 Project selection Matching ranking list to available budgets o Green list => negotiation phase (incl final eligibility check) o Yellow list => balancing o Red list => notification of rejection Additional selection criteria o Quality of project portfolio of the call o Optimal use of available budgets o Thematic spread/avoid overlap o Optimal participation of AAL countries

15 15 Joint Programming Initiatives ~ other structure of pooling of national research efforts Relevant topics: o A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life o More Years, Better Lives – The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change

16 16 More information on or via National Contact Points

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