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Antebellum Reformers Speed Dating Assignment

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1 Antebellum Reformers Speed Dating Assignment

2 Assignment You will research one antebellum reformer found in the next few slides. You will present your information in a Speed Dating activity on Wednesday, November 19. You will participate in character. The questions you will need to be prepared to answer are found at the end of this Power Point. The day of the activity you must bring with your notes that include answers to the questions you will be asked (questions are found at the end of this Power Point) and Bibliography/works cited paged typed.

3 Grading Notes – 20 Points Bibliography (3 sources on must be primary): 20 points Discussion 25 points - staying in character - level of participation - interaction with other guests - quality of content Total 65 points

4 Religious Reformers Ann Lee Stanley (Mother Lee) John Humphrey Noyes
Brigham Young Charles Finney Joseph Smith Robert Owen

5 Temperance Activist Lyman Beecher Neal Dow T.S. Arthur

6 Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller Henry David Thoreau
Ralph Waldo Emerson

7 Women’s Rights Activist
Emma Willard Sarah Grimke Lucretia Mott Catherine Beecher Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B. Anthony Lucy Stone Amelia Bloomer Elizabeth Blackwell

8 Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison David Walker Angelina Grimke
Harriet Jacobs Elijah Lovejoy Frederick Douglass Lydia Maria Child Mother Jones Harriet Tubman Sojourner Truth Solomon Northrup Maria Stewart Harriet Beecher Stowe

9 Social Reformers Dorothea Dix (prison and asylum reform)
Horace Mann (education) Sarah Bagley (Labor issues) Noah Webster (Education) Emma Willard (Education)

10 Find Answers to all these questions
What is the biggest issue facing American society today? Why? Can social justice be achieved under the present system of government? Is human nature fundamentally good or bad? Can legislation change human behavior? Should we seek gradual or immediate changes to society? Can society be improved by active involvement or by withdrawal? What makes the good society? What do you think is the most important issue of our times What inspired you to become involved in the work that you do? How were you educated? Have you faced any challenges to your beliefs? By whom? Any violent challenges? .Do you know or have you worked with any others who are here today? What do you think about (you may not find answers for all of these) - abolitionism? - women’s rights? - temperance? - other moral reform? - religion and the role of religion in politics? - industrialization? - education? - the Mexican War?

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