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Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015:

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1 Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015:
Pathways to Wellbeing A joint initiative of the Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council and the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association

2 What is the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015?
A joint initiative of the Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council (ISRC) and the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA). The Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 (Framework): Provides a new vision for recreation in Canada. Invites leaders, practitioners, stakeholders and volunteers to collaborate in pursuit of common priorities. Aims to improve the wellbeing of: Individuals Communities Built and natural environments

3 Why Develop a Recreation Framework for Canada?
Recreation has increasingly become an individual-based, facility-focused, and user-paid service; Rapid technological, economic, environmental, demographic and social changes require new ways of working to meet emerging needs; Costs related to health and wellbeing has been a persistent challenge in Canada; Experts from across Canada agreed that the sector would benefit from a guiding document to lead effective and coordinated policies and practices in recreation; and The Recreation Framework aims to provide an aligned and efficient focus of efforts across Canada and to identify concrete ways we can work together to enable all people to enjoy recreation in supportive environments.

4 How will the Framework be used?
It is anticipated that the Framework will be utilized by the recreation and related sectors and governments in a variety of different ways, which could include: To guide decision-making, planning and resource allocation for recreation leaders; In the development of Municipal and Community planning; To continue to foster positive relationships between the sector and all orders of government; As a guiding document for the field of recreation across Canada; To inform the development of consistent and coordinated actions to address emerging trends such as physical inactivity pandemic; and To contribute to active and healthy communities and citizens.

5 The Framework – Definition and Vision
Definition of Recreation Recreation is the experience that results from freely chosen participation in physical, social, intellectual, creative and spiritual pursuits that enhance individual and community wellbeing. A Renewed Vision We envision a Canada in which everyone is engaged in meaningful, accessible recreation experiences that foster: Individual wellbeing: Individuals with optimal mental and physical wellbeing, who are engaged and contributing members of their families and communities. The wellbeing of our natural and built environments: Natural and built environments that are appreciated, nurtured and sustained. Community wellbeing: Communities that are healthy, inclusive, welcoming, resilient and sustainable.

6 The Framework – Diagram
Vision Everyone engaged in meaningful, accessible recreation experiences that foster: Individual Wellbeing Wellbeing of Natural and Built Environments Community Wellbeing Values Public Good Inclusion and Equity Sustainability Principles Lifelong Participation Outcome-Driven Quality and Relevance Evidence Based Partnerships Innovation Goals Priorities Active Living Inclusion & Access Connecting People & Nature Supportive Environments Recreation Capacity Participation throughout the lifecourse Physical literacy Play Reduce sedentary behaviours Equitable participation for all, regardless of socioeconomic status, age, culture, race, Aboriginal status, gender, ability, sexual orientation or geographic location. Natural spaces and places Comprehensive system of parks Public awareness and education Minimize negative impacts Provide essential spaces and places Use existing structures for multiple purposes Renew infrastructure Active transportation Partnerships in social environment Recreation education Assessment tools Align community initiatives Collaborative system Career development Advanced education Capacity development Community leadership Volunteers Knowledge development

7 Convergence and Collaboration
The Framework was written to ensure alignment with two relevant strategies: Active Canada 20/20 ( and The Canadian Sport Policy 2012 ( The Framework has also been written to purposefully align with a number of complimentary strategies and frameworks that address interrelated public policies, including: Connecting Canadians with Nature The Declaration on Prevention and Promotion Healthy Aging in Canada: A New Vision, a Vital Investment IndigenACTION

8 Endorsement The Framework has received formal endorsement and commitment to implementation from the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association. The finalized Framework was presented to P/T Ministers responsible for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR) for endorsement on February 13, 2015. P/T SPAR Ministers endorsed the Framework as a guiding document for the recreation sector. The Government of Canada indicated their support for the Framework as well. Endorsement does not mean commitment to implement all goals and priorities found within the Framework; implementation strategies are at the discretion of each government and stakeholder. Implementation will take place from the community to the national level, Canada wide.

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