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Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Kelsie Ponder Karan Mahavadi.

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2 Certified Safety Professional (CSP) Kelsie Ponder Karan Mahavadi

3 What is the CSP certification?  CSP is a credential given to safety professional who have passed the comprehensive exams and met educational and experience standards.  “The CSP credential is the mark of the safety professional.”- Board of Certified Safety Professionals  The Board of Certified Safety Professionals is the organization responsible for granting the certification.  CSP certification is not required.

4 Who hires CSP’s?  Employers in government agencies, industry, business, and consulting firms commonly hire CSPs.

5 Qualifications needed to obtain the certification: General CSP qualifications require an educational background, professional safety experience, and passing of the exam.  Educational Requirement: 4 year bachelor’s degree or higher in any field or 2 year associate’s degree in safety, health, and environment.  Professional Experience: Candidates must have completed at least three years of professional safety experience. Depending on the degree field, additional professional safety experience may be required.  Examination: Certified Safety Professional Exam “…emphasizes the practice’s principles of the safety profession.”

6 Certification Process 1. Complete application materials to determine eligibility.  If you are eligible, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals will contact you with information regarding their length of eligibility and expiration date.  Application Fees: $160.00 2. Register to take the exam.  Candidates register and pay for the CSP exam.  Exam Fee: $350.00

7 Certification Process Continued 3. Make an appointment to take exam. Complete exam.  Candidates may take the CSP exam at a testing center. The CSP exam is sent via computer to the testing center. Unofficial results are available once the candidate submits their exam. Official results will be available three weeks after the exam date. If a candidate fails the exam, they may purchase a new exam if the eligibility period allows. 4. Pay an annual fee.  After meeting all of the requirements and passing the CSP exam, candidates will be awarded a CSP certification. In order to retain this certification, an annual fee must be paid.

8 Certification Process Continued 5. Stay up-to-date with recertification requirements.  Certified CSPs must stay up-to-date with changes in safety practices and regulations. This is done by completing at least twenty-five recertification points every five years.

9 References CSP Image: Information: Industrial Factory Image: 6561286.jpg 6561286.jpg EPA Image: Image of people: CSP Certification Photo:

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