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Volcano Flip Book Answers

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1 Volcano Flip Book Answers

2 What is it? A volcano is a weak spot in the crust where magma is expelled Two boundaries: divergent, convergent

3 Types of eruptions Explosive: More rare than non explosive
More destructive than non explosive Blows molten rock into the air -produce mostly pyroclastic material Quiet (nonexplosive) -Most common -produced by calm flows of lava

4 What is inside? Magma chamber is a body of molten rock underground
Vent: cracks in Earth’s surface

5 Silica and Magma The more silica that magma contains, the more explosive the eruption. Pyroclastic material: forms when magma is blasted into the air and hardens.

6 Eruptions and climate change
As volcanic ash and gases spread through the atmosphere, they can block enough sun to cause global temperatures to drop

7 Types of volcanoes Shield: forms from quiet eruptions, creates a wide-based, gently sloping mountain Cinder cone: explosive eruptions, tall, narrow mountain, formed from pyroclastic material Composite: formed from alternating quiet and explosive eruptions. Also called a Stratovolcano.

8 Other landforms created
Craters: funnel shaped pits near the top of a central vent Calderas: large semi-circular depression that forms when magma chamber below has been emptied. Lava Plateau: a landform caused by repeated eruptions of lava spread over a large, flat area.

9 stages Active: smoking, active volcano: lava, smoke coming out or will soon Dormant: sleeping volcano. Nothing happening but could Extinct: dead volcano, unlikely to erupt again.

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