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Allen Kemp, MD; Chief Executive Office Dave Watson, MD; Chief Medical Officer Centura Health Physician Group.

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1 Allen Kemp, MD; Chief Executive Office Dave Watson, MD; Chief Medical Officer Centura Health Physician Group

2 Who We Are - Overview CHPG - August 2012 CHPG – July 2014
In August 2012, CHPG was composed of 430 providers in over 80 locations throughout Colorado CHPG – July 2014 CHPG is composed of more than 566 providers in over 130 locations We provide management for professional service agreements for 116 providers. CHI’s Kansas locations joined CHPG with approximately 40 providers in Garden City and 10 providers in Great Bend In 2013, Centura Centers for Occupational Medicine (CCOM) and integrated Physicians Network (iPN) management team became part of CHPG

3 CHPG Cultural Value Statement
The culture of CHPG is one that achieves quality outcomes for the population through empowering a multispecialty group of physicians, providers and associates to deliver consistent, evidence-based prevention and person centered care as a strategically effective partner of Centura Health. Empower providers Benefit patients Network of experts Resource support High standards of care Person-centered care Consistent quality Seamless transitions Improved health and outcomes

4 CHPG Strategic Guiding Principles
Continually improving and learning Valued team and safe place Consistent clinical and operational activities Continually adapt and design access Valued strategic partner

5 CHPG Governance CHPG Board Quality & Patient Safety Committee
Physician Advisory Group CHPG Board Quality & Patient Safety Committee Governance Committee Finance Committee Strategy Committee Ambulatory EHR Steering Committee Dr. Watson Compensation Committee Enhancing EHR Quality PCMH Nurse Advisory Group

6 CHPG Executive Leadership
Gary Campbell President and CEO, Centura Health CHPG Board of Directors Allen Kemp, MD President and CEO, CHPG VP Human Resources Centura Health Chief Financial Officer, CHPG Chief Operating Officer, CHPG Chief Medical Officer, CHPG Dr. Watson cont. Clinic Integration and Office of Medical Affairs, CHPG Hospital Ambulatory Advisory Group Medical Directors CHPG iPN

7 Multispecialty Model Why is it important to have a multispecialty model in an environment of disruptive innovation?

8 Five-Year Physician Employment Growth, Indexed to 1.0 in 2007
Employed Physician Growth Indexed Nationally Five-Year Physician Employment Growth, Indexed to 1.0 in 2007 FTE physician employment (2007 = 1.0) n = 19 medical G This information came from a recent publication of the Advisory Board. It reflects the rapid growth in IDN employment of physicians between 2007 and 2012 Source: The Medical Group Strategy Council

9 Optimizing Value…Centura Health Physician Group
By creating a multi-specialty group that is nationally recognized for improving the health of Centura Health’s populations, the system will increase its overall value in the eyes of patients, payers, employers and physicians It is a vehicle that allows us to bring together providers around a shared vision It creates a team that collaborates around the coordination of care of patients Improves outcome effectiveness, convenience, cost of care and service

10 Population Health Approach
Engaging Our Valued Physician Team Improving Our Populations’ Health Strengthening Centura Health CHPG is an empowered multispecialty group dedicated to achieving quality outcomes through consistent, evidence-based practices with a focus on population health. CHPG is a multispecialty groups focused on population health by balancing primary care vs. specialty care. CHPG is a foundational member of Colorado Health Neighborhoods, Centura Health’s clinically integrated network.

11 Our Direction In 2012 In 2014 Today, it is closer to a  50/50 split
Primary care Specialty care 32% In 2012 68% Primary care Specialty care 39% In 2014 61% Today, it is closer to a  50/50 split Primary care Specialty care 50% 50%

12 CHPG Patient Centered Care
Patient Centered Medical Home Pillars Enhance access and continuity Identify and manage patient populations Team-based approach to planning and managing Care Provide self-care support and community resources Care has to be coordinated and tracked Measure performance PCMH pillars Enhance access / continuity: Accommodate patients’ needs with access and advice during and after hours, give patients and their families information about their medical home and provide patients with team-based care Identify and manage populations: Collect and use data for population management Plan and manage care: Use evidence-based guidelines for preventive, acute and chronic care management, including medication management Provide resources and self-care support: Assist patients and their families in self-care management with information, tools and resources (EMMI, My Centura Health) Track and coordinate care: Track and coordinate tests, referrals and transitions of care Measure and improve performance: Use performance and patient experience data for continuous quality improvement

13 CHPG Practice Optimization
Project team created to improve productivity, increase access, and increase provider, associate and patient satisfaction at clinics Conducted clinic workflow analysis and practice assessments in January at primary care pilot sites CHPG hosted its first Kaizen Event April 14-18, 2014 Currently rolling out redesigned standardized foundational workflows New workflows should be implemented in all primary care sites by end of FY 15 Practice Optimization will be a critical strategy as CHPG moves toward 2nd curve

14 Thank you. Questions/comments?

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