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Unit 5 Grammar.

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1 Unit 5 Grammar

2 Articles: We use a or an “a” before consonants and “an” before vowel sounds. before unspecified singular countable nouns with names of professions He’s an executive and she’s a manager. in expressions of measurement We charge $100 a month to introduce new information

3 Articles: We use the when it is clear from the context what particular thing or place is meant. I’ll meet you in the reception area. before a noun that we have mentioned before before adjectives to specify a category of people or things the rich, the poor, the unemployed

4 We do not use an article before
Mass/uncountable nouns used in general statements Money is the root cause of all evil. Names of places and people We do use the before some countries that have Kingdom, States, Republic in the name: e.g.: the United States, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of South Africa, also: the Netherlands

5 Because they have not been referred to before.



8 Knowledge of the advertising code of practice is vital to those wishing to work in the advertising industry. We want to film a TV commercial in Russia. (No errors) The ‘Think Small’ Volkswagen Beetle advert was one of the most successful advertising campaigns of the 20th century. Four major brands – AOL, Yahoo!, Freeserve and BT – all achieve awareness of over 40% amongst the UK adult population. Next year, I am going to work for an advertising agency in the USA.


10 Almost as soon as the ‘gorilla’ television commercial for Dairy Milk chocolate was first shown on 31 August, people started posting it on YouTube. People also started asking questions, like did it feature a real gorilla playing (the) drums? So what role did the extraordinary take-up of the gorilla ad on the Internet play in Dairy Milk’s success? And was the success of the advert a lucky break? For like Unilever and Diageo, Cadbury has benefited from the free ‘viral’ distribution of its advertising on the Internet as consumers , post and create spoof versions of the gorilla campaign. The gorilla commercial is the most viewed advertisement so far this year on YouTube, the content sharing website.

11 Complete the gaps with ‘the’ where necessary
_____ Asia is bigger than _____ Europe. Answer: Asia is bigger than Europe. Rule: No use of ‘the’ along with names of continents and countries. Except: The United States, etc.

12 2. _____ New York is _____ biggest city in _____ world.
Answer: New York is the biggest city in the world. ‘the’ should be used with superlative forms of adjectives. the biggest, the tallest, the most interesting, etc.

13 3. _____ Mount Fuji is in _____Japan
3. _____ Mount Fuji is in _____Japan. It’s _____ highest mountain in _____ world. Answer: Mount Fuji is in Japan. It’s the highest mountain in the world. 4. _____ Queen of England lives in _____ Downing Street. Answer: The Queen of England lives in Downing Street. No need to use ‘the’ along with names. No need to use ‘the’ along with name of the queen, but otherwise we have to use. Queen Elizabeth, and not the Queen Elizabeth.

14 5. _____ Mediterranean Sea is bigger than _____ Pacific Ocean.
Answer: The Mediterranean Sea is bigger than the Pacific Ocean. Use ‘the’ when referring to the name of a sea, ocean, river, islands, and group of mountains. the Amazon, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Hawaiian Islands, the Bahamas, etc.

15 6. _____ sun is smaller than _____ moon.
Answer: The sun is smaller than the moon When the object is the only one that exists, use "the" the earth, the human race, the world, the moon, the sun, the universe

16 7. _____ Himalayas are in _____ Asia.
Answer: The Himalayas are in Asia. Use ‘the’ to refer to a group of mountains.

17 8. You can always see _____ Moon in _____ sky at _____ night.
Answer: You can always see the Moon in the sky at night. It is always ‘at night’ and no need to use ‘the’ 9. _____ Mississippi River is in _____ United States. Answer: The Mississippi River is in the United States.

18 10. Everyday I go for a walk in _____ morning.
Answer: Everyday I go for a walk in the morning. in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, but at night

19 11. _____ rich should give money to _____ poor.
Answer: The rich should give money to the poor. Use ‘the’ with adjectives like rich, poor, elderly, unemployed (without a noun); the meaning is always plural She works for a group to help the disabled.

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