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2 About Veco Group Veco Group is an independent advisory and fiduciary service group based in Lugano, Switzerland. It is one of the most recognized and respected names in the industry that offers tailor-made service to both private clients and corporations internationally on asset protection and management. With over 40 years of experience and our integrated network of offices in 9 jurisdictions, we offer comprehensive services including trust and foundation management, asset management, family office, tax planning and international trade assistance. We offer a vast range of personalised consulting services bearing the hallmark of discretion and international expertise.   v.1411

3 Global Presence Established in 1973 with over 100 professional staff worldwide in 9 offices * Veco Multi Family office Asia • Hong Kong* Latin America • São Paulo • Panama UK • London Switzerland • Lugano * (head office) Europe • Amsterdam • Luxembourg • Malta Middle East • Dubai v1411

4 Global Presence – Global Solution
Main Offices Trust Tax planning Asset protection Asset Management Family Office International Trade Lugano, Switzerland Luxembourg Amsterdam London Malta Dubai Sao Paulo Panama Hong Kong v.1411

5 Veco Group – Your Partner
Veco Group will meet all your needs with a personalised approach in asset protection, asset management, trust and foundation advisory & administration, succession planning and international tax planning – A truly 360 degree personalised service Veco Trust Asset protection Trust services International tax planning Veco Trade Veco Invest International Commercial Trade Assistance Asset & Investment Management Family Office 360 degrees family wealth management v.1411

6 What is a Family Office A family office is an entity that takes care of the day-to-day management and administration of the collective assets and business affairs of one or more families. Its long-term goal is to preserve and grow the wealth for current and future generations. For the family in business a family office takes on the rallying role previously served by the family itself. A family office can be a single-family office or a multi-family office. A single-family office supports only one family and a multi-family office supports at least two families. A multi-family office comes in all sizes, serving any number of families, ranging from only a couple to a hundred or more. It acts as the guardian of the family’s values and objectives providing a central focal point for members of the family, wherever located and whatever their life focus, protecting the family’s values and wealth for future generations. v.1411

7 Benefits of Family Office
As concerns about wealth preservation and succession planning with family businesses continue to grow, an increasing number of wealthy families are seeking the benefits of setting up a family office. Without being exhaustive, the following points set out the reasons why a family office makes sense: Governance and management structure Optimised asset allocation Centralization of risk management Alignment of interest Wealth & Business Succession Separation between family business and wealth Centralisation of other services (philanthropy, tax and estate planning, education, etc.) v.1411

8 Veco Family Office Services
Independent consultant, including diversification and optimisation of investment and risk management. Our services address those faced with complexities during generational transition in businesses, clients who need investment strategies capable of guaranteeing the continuity and profitability of their personal wealth, or those who require constant monitoring of their financial situation and gain advice on investment options. Services we offer: Family and corporate governance Financial and tax planning Risk profile assessment and subsequent ongoing verification Strategic asset allocation Performance monitoring and analysis Consolidated performance Cost control Consultancy and selection in the real estate market Ad hoc mandates v.1411

9 Family Office Services
Wealth Management & Banking Assets Advisory Strategy Consultancy Estate & Wealth Transfer, Protection Family Meetings & Education Business Advisory Investment Management Services Succession Planning Legal Service, Tax & Compliance Work Life Style & Social Caretaking Financing Strategic Asset Allocation Trustee & Fiduciary Management Record Keeping Reporting & Consolidation Strategic Philanthropy Risk Management & Insurance Services Unique Services Security, Privacy & Control Administration Services Foundation Consulting v.1411

10 Our Location Hong Kong SAR, China Suite 1210, 12/F., Citibank Tower 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong Website: Tel: Fax: Contact: Ms. Alexandra Or, Director Mr. Peter Lee, Director v.1411


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