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Scottish Gymnastics We’re making some changes. Why we’re making changes We’ve listened to your feedback.

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1 Scottish Gymnastics We’re making some changes

2 Why we’re making changes We’ve listened to your feedback

3 Strategy Workshops – What You Told Us An improved, accessible and better supported coach education pathway Advice and support in business planning and the general professionalisation of Scottish gymnastics clubs Nationwide access to expertise, experience and specialist skill sets (from employees, technical experts and other clubs) Improved communication (with all) Fair recognition of all disciplines including Development Officer support for non Artistic disciplines

4 2014 Club Survey – What You Told Us 63% of clubs want to own a gymnastics specific facility – we need to help you on your journey Financing your aspirations was important to you 75% of you have capacity to grow 58% of clubs don’t have adequate training hours

5 2014 Coach Survey – We Have Delivered The 2015-16 Coach education calendar has been planned based on the feedback from both our Head Coach survey results, Coach survey results and Local Authority partner feedback. There is a geographical spread of courses across all disciplines and levels to try and ensure our members needs have been met 100 formal courses have been scheduled based on our members feedback

6 It all informed the 2015-2027 Strategy A strong Scottish Gymnastics, inspiring and nurturing emerging talent Clubs Support clubs to be the best they can be and assist them in achieving their ambitions People Provide accessible world class support programmes for coaches, officials and volunteers Gymnasts Expand the talent pool and develop Scottish gymnasts to British and World performance levels Corporate A sustainable and successful organisation with a motivational and helpful approach

7 Delivering The Strategy To deliver what you need, we need to change Therefore we need staff with different skills Alter the way we support clubs, coaches, volunteers and gymnasts – to better meet your needs Regional approach to supporting performance Building long term growth in the sport, not just 4 year cycles We need to change the way we operate

8 2015-2019 Plan Clubs Facilitating Club Growth

9 Meeting Clubs Aspirations To meet your needs we need staff with the expertise to support you The journey to owning facilities requires strong business cases supported by good governance For those with facilities we need to support you with access to specialist advice to help you run as smoothly and safely as possible We want to develop you as leaders We need a different staffing structure to better help you

10 New Development Staffing Structure Head of Development Club Business Manager Development Manager (p/t) (Disciplines) Development Administrator

11 What Development Staff Will Do Club Business ManagersDevelopment Manager Core function Production and implementation of business plans leading to membership growth and increased sustainability Discipline growth: TeamGym Acro Rhythmic Tumbling Trampolining Each post will have an area of expertise Business intelligence / development, Facility development, Club governance, Club committee / structure development, Marketing, Leadership Gymnast specialist in the team

12 2015-2019 Plan People Nurturing Talented People

13 Developing Not Just Educating In addition to the formal education pathway we will develop coaches, judges and technical officials through technical, discipline specific and generic CPD opportunities across all disciplines and level of the pathway Support and invest into a group of aspirational performance coaches in their development needs over an extended period of time Ensure a blended learning approach is provided to coaches and officials with key partners A new staffing structure is required to help develop talented people

14 New Education Staffing Structure Head of Performance, Pathways and Education Workforce Development Manager Education ManagerEducation Administrator

15 Workforce Development Manager A new role of Workforce Development Manager has been created to; Establish and implement a coach & judging development programme to support the workforce on their continued learning journey Strengthen technical expertise of the gymnastics workforce through a comprehensive programme of CPD, clinics and online learning options Develop and implement a bespoke performance coach development programme to support a small group of identified coaches with their performance coaching aspirations

16 2015-2019 Plan Gymnasts Aspiring To World Class

17 A new performance approach requires new staffing therefore a new role of Performance Pathway Manager has been created to; Establish and implement the Performance Pathway programme across the disciplines in partnership with British Gymnastics Strengthen technical expertise of the gymnastics workforce through a comprehensive Performance Pathway programme of camps and clinics Support a progressive competition programme for Olympic disciplines

18 Aspiring To World Class Strategic direction for Performance: A number of key areas need to be prioritised over the next cycle and beyond, to ensure a sustainable performance system can be established to deliver on our long term aspirations: Establish a seamless world class performance pathway for all disciplines based on some strong principles around talent and athlete development Integrate Scottish talent into the GB pathway Invest into coach development and mentoring Provide strong technical leadership Develop a world class events programme Improved synergy between sports science and coaching

19 Staffing Comparison What we offeredWhat we will be delivering 2.5 Regional Development Managers3 Club Business Managers + Development Manager Coach EducationWorkforce Development Manager National CoachesNational Leads (World Class) Regional HPCs

20 Better Serving Our Clubs Club CBM Specialist CBM Development Manager Workforce Development Manager HPC All of these changes enhance how we serve our member clubs

21 2015-2019 Plan We hope this clarifies our new strategic direction and the changes we are making, however if you have any further questions you can contact us on the following; Euan Lowe – Chief Executive Email: Steve Paige – Head of Development Email: Sam Langstaff – Head of Performance, Pathways &Education Email:

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