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Stakeholder Event 1 Workplace Innovation in SMEs 20 August 2014 Innovating works… …improving work & workplaces 1.

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1 Stakeholder Event 1 Workplace Innovation in SMEs 20 August 2014 Innovating works… …improving work & workplaces 1

2 Innovating works.......improving work and workplaces “Improving patient care through large scale automation and developing our workforce” Norman Lannigan Pharmacy and Prescribing Support Unit

3 Hospital pharmacy – what is it? Right medicine Right patient Right time

4 Helping patients get the best outcome from their medicines Patients individual needs Multiple illness Complex therapies Team approach Supporting patients to take medicines

5 Traditional pharmacy functions Medicines procurement Supply /dispensing Manufacture of bespoke formulations

6 The issues Patient safety in hospital Efficient use of medicines Personalisation of therapy Releasing time to care Flow of patients through hospital

7 We have a problem Pharmacy is part of the solution

8 A modern pharmacy service for a super modern hospital Improve patient outcomes, safety and choice in their treatment with medicines Improve patient flow through providing medicines at the patients bedside

9 Potential for improvement Well trained workforce with under used skills Motivated to do better for patients New technology developments- robotics

10 Redesign of Hospital Pharmacy Services Consolidation and Centralisation Technology – IT and Robotics Re-Deployment of skills to front line clinical roles Integration of staff in to ward based teams

11 Backing from the Health Board £3.25m investment over three years  £1m IT (50% Pharmacy / 50% Infrastructure)  £1.6m automated distribution centre  £0.4m Automated dispensaries  £250k training (non- recurring) Focus on changing roles to near patient duties

12 PPSU In-Patient Medicines Management Ward Medicine Cupboard Ward Order GG&C DC Takes Home Meds Hospital Dispensary Dispensary Order Brings Own Meds POD Locker

13 “Making the Most of Your Medicines (MMyM)” Re-Design of in-patient medication systems Drug administration as a care episode not a task Uses patients own medicines and facilitates self administration by patients Reduces need for discharge prescriptions Care shared with community pharmacists

14 Making the most of Your Medicines “Taking Pharmacy expertise closer to the patient and the multidisciplinary team”

15 Achievements Worlds largest automated hospital pharmacy service in “business as usual” Changed roles of >700 staff Access to clinical pharmacist 60%-95% MMyM service 33%- 97% £3m efficiency savings £1.5m medicines waste reduction

16 The journey Free Pharmacists to undertake clinical role Pharmacy Technicians -responsibility for medicines supply Up skill pharmacy assistants Centralisation Robotics / IT

17 Pharmacist highly trained professional Primary masters- four years Pre-registration apprenticeship –one year 75% with double masters qualification More than supervision of supply Role stretch and job satisfaction

18 Pharmacy Technician Highly Trained Professional Two years college day release- SVQ3 Professional registration Post qualification award “designated checking technician” Final release and supervision of medicines supply / dispensing

19 Pharmacy Assistants “Everyone needs a Robert” SVQ 2 training Back office to front line Highly valued Chairman’s award

20 Automation, centralisation, better use of existing skills, training and development 41 staff for MMyM service 10 pharmacists released from traditional roles Enabled development of patient facing services to address NHS priorities of safe, patient centred, effective and efficient care

21 Lessons learned! Its the people stupid! Technology is merely a means to an end and will let you down Communicate, Communicate then Communicate again Train and develop- people want a challenge Measurement and feedback

22 Working in partnership with our staff! Any Questions?

23 Innovating works… …improving work & workplaces Issues for roundtable discussion 23 What are the key challenges facing your business/industry? Is innovation a potential way of addressing these challenges? What are the main obstacles/barriers to innovation? In your experience, where innovating works, what factors support successful innovation? What engagement do you have with the academic and policy community on innovation – and what engagement would be helpful?

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