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Curriculum for Excellence Primary School Leadership Conferences

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1 Curriculum for Excellence Primary School Leadership Conferences
Planning for Progression Curriculum for Excellence Primary School Leadership Conferences 8th October 2014 Maureen McGhee (HT) Geraldine Shearer (DHT)

2 Our Aims for Today To share some of our approaches to planning for progression To explain not just what we have done but why we did it and what impact it has had so far To give discussion time to identify and share your different approaches/challenges with each other

3 St. Aidan’s Primary School

4 Our Context Medium Sized Primary School Management team HT/DHT/2 PTs
237 pupils in P1-7 30/30 nursery Enthusiastic young staff - no background in 5-14!

5 Whole school approaches to Planning and Progression
Aims: To ensure consistently challenging learning experiences across all stages Clear progression of knowledge and understanding and development of skills Quality coverage of all experiences and outcomes across each level Initial Focus: Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing

6 Learner Professional Dialogue Planning
Learning, teaching and assessment Evaluation Attainment, Achievement and progress

7 In the beginning!

8 Self Evaluation Using QIs

9 Self Evaluation Using QIs

10 Swot Analysis

11 Mid Term Planning

12 Skills Progression for pupils

13 Skills progression for staff

14 Monitoring progress in skills


16 Tracking pupils’ progress across a level

17 Ensuring depth of learning
Learning intentions and success criteria shared and discussed for all learning Understanding of skills progression – children identifying good learning and setting their next targets Transferring learning across the curriculum – skills for learning life and work discussed regularly

18 Curriculum and Planning
Monitoring and tracking learning experiences to ensure breadth, depth, coherence Monitoring breadth challenge and application Ongoing dialogue with pupils Curriculum and Planning Using the significant aspects of learning to monitor and track how much, how well and rate of progress of individuals

19 Progression in numeracy



22 What have staff benefitted from:
Working very closely with colleagues in school to ensure quality transition information is available Focus discussions on core learning within Es and Os – moderation of this across levels Spending time with cluster/stage colleagues planning, assessing and moderating across five schools Presenting progression to parents – requires a confident knowledge of Experiences and Outcomes

23 Impact Pupils are confident in talking about their learning journey
Pupil/teacher dialogue informs teacher’s planning and assessment Parents have a clearer picture of their child’s progress

24 Follow up task: Discuss what one aspect of progress has worked well for you to date – how did you identify this? What mechanism will you use to identify your next steps? On reflection will your approach to this be the same or different? Where do you want to be by the end of this term? Five minute question time using Post its!

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