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The Declaration of Independence

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1 The Declaration of Independence

2 Academic Vocabulary (pg. 134) Chapter 5, Lesson 4
Petition Preamble Olive Branch Petition (pg. 135) Common Sense (pg ) John Locke (pg. 137) Natural Rights (in PowerPoint) Popular sovereignty (in PowerPoint) Hessians (pg. 135)

3 Workbook: Chapter 5, Lesson 4
Complete question #1-7 Question #3 and #5 where it notes “UNDERLINE” you are writing the Quote. DO NOT DO #8 COPY: “Second Continental Congress "Diagram (pg. 95)

4 Why Did the Declaration of Independence Happen?
Boston Tea Party: angry colonists boarded ships in Boston and threw the tea overboard Intolerable Acts: series of laws designed to punish the people of Massachusetts. First Continental Congress formed: repealed Intolerable Acts. Allowed people to arm themselves against British

5 Second Continental Congress 1775-1776
Took place May 1775 George Washington becomes Commander in Chief of the Continental Army Appointed 5 men to write a declaration stating the colonies’ reasons for independence June 1775: 56 delegates met and debated January 1776 Common Sense by Thomas Paine was published and explained why there should be independence

6 Key Actions of the Second Continental Congress

7 Outcome of Second Continental Congress
Second Continental Congress drafted the Declaration of Independence. July Declaration written by Thomas Jefferson was signed, John Hancock signed first with the largest signature Put end to ties with Great Britain

8 Declaring Independence
Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence. He understood the consequences of writing a declaration of independence Wanted to make sure the document explained why the colonists wanted to separate

9 Read “The Declaration of Independence” pg. 138-39
Read “The Declaration of Independence” pg List and explain the 4 parts of the Declaration of Independence.

10 The Declaration of Independence
Preamble (introduction) States why people choose to declare independence Next two sections (1)List the rights that the colonists believed they should have (2) their complaints against Great Britain Final Section Proclaims the existence of a new nation School House Rocks:

11 Three Basic Principles of the Declaration of Independence
Natural Rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness Popular Sovereignty: People are the source of political authority Order: Importance of stability, overthrowing a government is only the last resort

12 Primary Source: Declaration of Independence
Pg. 139 In partners, read the following quote: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable (not to be denied) Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Classwork Interpreting: Reread the Primary source quote on pg from the Declaration of Independence. (two paragraphs 5-6 sentences) 1. Rewrite this quote in your own words. 2. Explain why this quote is important.

13 Activity Read pg. 138-139. “The Declaration of Independence.
Find the grievances (complaints) and rights included in the declaration of independence.

14 List of Colonial Grievances (complaints) to the King
Dismissing colonial legislatures and denying the colonists their right for self-government Tax the colonists without their consent Maintaining an army in the colonies without the consent of the legislature and elevating the military above civilian authority Forcing colonists to house British soldiers in their house

15 Nomination Rules 1. Students may discuss choices with one another
2. students cannot nominate a person for MORE THAN ONE CATEGORY 3. Students may CHOOSE ONE, TWO, or NONE if you are unsure (leave the space blank)

16 Activity Chapter 6 1. Advantages and Disadvantages Table
2. Packet Questions #1-6 Copy the questions and answers

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