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The Pearls ‘Skill Focus: Executive Presence’ Leona Deakin CPsychol, MSc Chartered Psychologist.

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1 The Pearls ‘Skill Focus: Executive Presence’ Leona Deakin CPsychol, MSc Chartered Psychologist

2 The Pearls What Executive Presence means to successful women & How to get it for yourself 07788 754960

3 What is Executive Presence?

4 It’s about impact Positive Impact N Impact Negative Impact

5 It’s about the WOW factor Standing out from the crowd An ability to influence – Substance – Personal style – Positive attitude – Presentation skills – Manners / etiquette – Receptivity / listening skills

6 GRAVITAS 67 %* Demonstrating EQ Exuding confidence Poise under pressure Speaking truth to power Radiating vision, charisma COMMUNICATION 28%* Assertiveness Excellent speaking skills Ability to read an audience or situation APPEARANCE 5%* Judging what is appropriate & distinctive Center for Talent Innovation in New York * percentage of senior executives surveyed who said this aspect was the core characteristic of executive presence What characterises Executive Presence?

7 The Pearls So, what is Executive Presence? Being well prepared Making others feel special Displaying confidence and enthusiasm

8 What elements do successful women possess?

9 17 women 11 sit on the Board or Executive Team of their organization 3 own and run their own successful business 3 are Partners or Senior Partners within their firms. Sectors represented : Manufacturing, Finance, Law, Public Transport, Healthcare, Utilities and Management Consultancy. My research

10 What am I good at? What am I good at? What do I enjoy? What do I enjoy? Why not me? Stress management Time for a change Time for a challenge Time for a change Time for a challenge People Skills Talk about what they want Work Ethic What characterises successful women at work

11 Nearly all of the women (90%) 1.Had a keen awareness of their own strengths 2.Reported the significant impact of one or more parent on developing self belief and ‘can do’ attitude 3.Spoke of being interested in people, building long term relationships and wide networks Majority of the women (70%) 4.Talked of managing their careers through hard work, persistence and remaining open to opportunities 5.Regarded the support of their husbands and company sponsors as critical 6.Adopted stress management techniques such as putting things into perspective, reflecting on strengths and taking control

12 Discrimination Women who don’t make it? Choice versus confidence It is hard to make it to the top You have to, a)Want it b)Work at it Does it not happen or Do they not see it?

13 Encouraging Parents Supportive husband Bosses they could learn from Leaders who championed them Success is not a solo activity

14 The Pearls So, what elements do successful women possess? A mindset of openness & confidence A willingness to work hard An ability to keep calm An interest in others The use of networks

15 How can you develop your own Executive Presence?

16 What am I good at? What can I do to progress, grow and challenge myself? Why not me? Mindset Motivation Strive to do something different, progress, grow and be challenged Adopt a ‘why not me?’ attitude, a willingness to try and an optimistic outlook Consider how successful women think

17 Say yes to opportunities Play to strengths Work hard Manage stress Build strong relationships Talk about what you want Consider how successful women behave

18 The most important qualities of leadership are Showing a genuine interest in people and Acting with integrity Luck is more to do with attitude than chance Successful people are motivated by challenge and achievement rather than reward Existing research shows Success is less to do with talent than hard work

19 Seven steps to developing your Executive Presence 1.Adopt a growth mindset and an openness to opportunities – seek out challenges and be willing to try 2.Develop emotional intelligence, people skills and the ability to build long term relationships 3.Increase awareness of your strengths to build confidence and resilience 4.Develop mental toughness via stress management techniques 5.Appreciate the importance of hard work and persistence 6.Ensure a support network exists at home and in work – learn from role models and seek out champions 7.Talk about what you want and take control of your progress

20 The Pearls To truly redress the balance of women at the top of corporate UK, women themselves need fight the temptation to estimate their intellect, potential and capability as lower than their male counterparts. They need to see that those who have made it to the top adopted ways of thinking and behaving which facilitated their progress, their growth and ultimately their success. Then, they need to learn how to do it for themselves. 07788 754960


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