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1 Altruist DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS. About Us Over 450 employees strong team with rich experience in IT, Telecom and VAS. 14 offices spread across.

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2 About Us Over 450 employees strong team with rich experience in IT, Telecom and VAS. 14 offices spread across India is well poised to offer Localized and relevant services. Altruist Technologies is end to end IT/ Telecom Solutions provider with expertise in Content Management and Application Development. Altruist brings its rich experience gained from customer engagements around the world delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. Promoted by professionals having in depth understanding and experience spanning application development

3 Key Products Voice Chat ECM Web Solutions ALTRUIST TECHNOLOGIES DMS EII Mobile Banking Desktop Applications BPM Vas Solutions

4 FINANCIAL OUTLOOK Altruist has achieved a revenue growth of 60 times (QoQ) over the period 2006-09. Cr.


6 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 6 A document management system (DMS) is a computer system (or set of computer programs) used to track and store electronic documents and/or images of paper documents. Document management software that lets your organization manage and share documents in a secured manner. This system has a wider scope which can be applied to smaller as well as big organization. There are several common issues that are involved in managing documents, whether the system is an informal, ad-hoc, paper-based method for one person or if it is a formal, structured, computer enhanced system for many people across multiple offices, and the purpose of this system is to handle these issues in an efficient manner.

7 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Built with robust, scalable architecture, DMS can be deployed over LAN, WAN or Internet in large Enterprises.It is an answer to all your concerns. When, where and by whom are documents created, modified, published and stored? Where will people need to go to access documents? What methods will be used to organize or index the documents to assist in later retrieval? If documents need to pass from one person to another, what are the rules for how their work should flow? How will unauthorized personnel be prevented from reading, modifying or destroying documents?

8 PROCESS FLOW Batch PreparationDOCUMENTS Scanning Image Enhancement & QCIndexingRetrieval

9 FEATURES Document Management also enables you to manage document creation and editing. Through a new version function, documents can be versioned and edited with minor or major changes. Robust Document Management with version control. Scanned Images will be saved in encrypted format for restricted access only through DMS application retrieval. Image Encryption Being a complete web based solution, DMS can be accessed from anywhere in the LAN. For example a user can import a document from one system and can use it on another system. Accessible over the LAN. A workflow represents a precise sequence of tasks assigned to different persons. Documents can be passed from one person to another by designing work flows. An authorized user can design the workflow, which cannot be deleted or modified by any other user, to delegate tasks to one or multiple user. Work flows Templates are a smart and easy way to manage the system permission. Administrator can create various templates and assign rights to these templates for public, users, groups and roles. Template based Access Control View, annotate, highlight, and blackout the content of most of industry-standard file formats directly in the web browser without the native applications installed. File Preview, Mark-up, & Annotations

10 FEATURES Document can be imported from a standard device or can be scanned. Any document like txt/pdf/xls etc can be imported and can be used. Import The document can be copied and moved from one location to another. Number of references can be made with link attribute through which a single copy can be referenced from many places. Copy, move and link Optical Character recognition feature will provide character recognition of scanned images and the characters recognized by it can be directly entered for segregation and indexing of image. OCR Indexing is the process of arranging documents according to the document type and their parameters defined hence enabling fast retrieval. Indexing A document can be searched out by firing queries. There are searching options like document name based searching, content based searching. Searching Scanned images are reviewed and processed by performing required operation of deskew, despeckle, flip, rotate and crop to improvise the quality of the images. After enhancement the images will be ready for segregation. Enhancement

11 11 ADVANTAGES Saves cost of printing, paper, ink, microfilm, copies and postage. Paperless business process efficiency Improved document search, security and control. Audit trial showing who has accesses or updated documents Remote Document Access.

12 12 WHY ALTRUIST Integrates multiple technologies Our Document s solution provides one unified, consistent framework which simplifies complex projects and reduces the total time and cost of implementation. Virtualization Our Document solution with powerful integration capabilities can assimilate organization’s existing incongruent systems as one virtual repository. COLD (Computer Output to Low-cost Disk). It captures, accumulate and index computer output of information contained in the documents and reports, which makes feasible for you to computerize and streamline workflow by enabling fast, multi-departmental access to information. Unparallel performance, scalability, and reliability - It can span servers, platforms, databases, and locations to meet even the most complex performance, scalability and reliability requirements..

13 PARTNER WITH US “ Better business comes in the form of effective information management and process improvement. When information and processes are optimized to drive efficiency, the organization becomes compliance-ready almost by default ” Thank You

14 Altruist Technologies Pvt Ltd. DLF Tower C, 2 nd Floor Chandigarh IT Park Chandigarh Thank You

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