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The amount of charge passing a point in a given time interval is.

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1 The amount of charge passing a point in a given time interval is

2 current

3 Opposite charges ______

4 Attract

5 Like charges _______

6 repel

7 The amount of potential energy stored in a battery is measured in _______

8 volts

9 A material in which electrical charges do not move freely

10 insulator

11 The heating wire in a toaster is low/high resistance

12 high

13 Electrical wiring is low/high resistance

14 low

15 A lightbulb filament is low/high resistance

16 high

17 If the voltage goes up, the current (increases, decreases)

18 increases

19 If the resistance decreases, the current (increases, decreases)

20 increases

21 An accumulation of electrical charges on an insulator is

22 Static electricity

23 In order to separate positive and negative charges, ______ must be added

24 energy

25 Conductors (will/will not) hold a static charge

26 Will not

27 Give 2 examples of an insulator

28 Plastic, glass, wood, rubber

29 The amount of energy which is changed into heat and light as an electrical current flows through the material

30 resistance

31 Electrical energy which is converted into heat, light, and sound when the electricity leaves the object

32 Electrical discharge

33 What is the formula for Ohm’s Law?

34 R = V/I

35 The small particles that make up matter

36 atoms

37 What method is involved when charges in an uncharged metal object are rearranged without direct contact with a charged object?

38 induction

39 Method of charging in which electrons are wiped from one object to another

40 friction

41 Material that allows charges to move freely

42 conductor

43 The force between two charged objects

44 Electrical force

45 The region around a charged object where a force is exerted on other objects

46 Electrical field

47 Expressed in Amps

48 current

49 What are the 3 parts in a circuit?

50 Voltage, resistance, current

51 What is the current when a 12-volt battery is connected through a resistance of 240 ohms?

52 .05 amps

53 What voltage produced a current of 100 amps with a resistance of 10 ohms?

54 1000 volts

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