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Seminar on Green Development Trends in the Building Industry of Mongolia Prof. Nergui Dorj Green Building Council Mongolia Mongolian National University The Blue Sky Hotel and Tower, 29 Oct 2014

2 Content Green building concept Importance of green building Green building practice – global perspective Green Building Council Mongolia Current activities-Green Building Rating System in Mongolia Green development policy and Green building practice

3 Green building concept
The main principle of a “Green Building” in Mongolia: Any building, building materials used for construction and its surrounding area should ensure the highest possible level of heat, energy and water efficiency, and it should ensure the lowest level of air and other types of pollution, follow the principles of sustainability and should meet the health standards. Green building is not only about building, it is about its surrounding areas, it is about participation, public monitoring, land use, efficient use of all types of natural resources – trees, water, soul, air and so forth and it is about the sustainable development.

4 Importance of green building
Environmental Decrease air and other types of pollution, ensure energy and heat efficiency, efficient use of water, increase the quality of drinking water and efficient use of natural resources Governance Increase the corporate social responsibility Economic Efficient use of natural and other resources, increase the quality of assets, decrease the cost of living Social Healthy living and working environment, increase the quality if life and comfortability

5 Green building practice – global perspective
The Rachel Carson book, “Silent Spring”, published in 1962, is considered to be one of the first initial efforts to describe sustainable development as related to green building. (From wikipedia). The green building concept is now practiced in more than 100 countries worldwide WGBC established in 1999 USA – LEED system, UK BEAM system, Green globe rating system Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, India

6 Green Building Council Mongolia
Established in 2011 Mission: Contribution made in developing a sustainable and healthy building/property industry for Mongolia through introduction of green building-sustainable building practices Contribution made in increasing energy, water and resource efficiency and ensuring environmental sustainability through introduction of appropriate energy, water and resource saving and environmental technologies and promoting innovation

7 Green Building Council Mongolia
Advocacy and education on green building concept and its economic, social, environmental and governance importance to the government, private sector, civil society and the general public. Work closely and cooperate with all relevant stakeholders to develop and promote the use of and follow the green/sustainable building rating system and green standards/code, Create a system and information database for green building technologies for construction, construction material manufacturing, energy and water service and other related infrastructure industries.

8 Current activities Continued advocacy on the importance of green building Creation of cooperation with relevant local and international agencies Preparation of the draft of Mongolia Green Building Rating System Participation in local and international events and national capacity building efforts Looking for possible cooperation with international agencies, including GGGI and UNITAR

9 Green development policy and Green building practice
Introduction of green building concept is one of the core policy issues of the green development policy in Mongolia Implementation plan – Master plan – Road map is a must Framework to be established to ensure the green building rating system in place National capacity building should be one of priorities Public awareness Pilot projects Incentives



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