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An example of Sustainable Urban Living

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1 An example of Sustainable Urban Living
BedZED (Beddington Zero Energy Development) It is in SW London Video from BBC here

2 Your Task: For the exam you will need to know the following for this case study: The characteristics of a sustainable city Environmental: the importance of conserving historical and natural features, using brownfield sites, providing open spaces, reducing and disposing of waste. Social: including local people in decision making, providing an efficient public transport system

3 BedZED claims to be the UK’s largest sustainable community
BedZED claims to be the UK’s largest sustainable community. Built in 2002, it has 100 homes designed to provide ordinary people with a high quality of life while living within their share of the earth’s resources.

4 BedZED, in Beddington, south-west London, was built on a brownfield site on previously industrial land. Fifty per cent of houses are for private sale or rent, 25% for shared ownership and 25% social housing for rent Photo: Bio Regional

5 In a BedZED home energy use for heating and hot water is reduced 81% by simple things like south-facing windows and triple glazing. Electricity consumption is reduced 45% by low-energy lighting and appliances

6 BedZED walls are thicker than average, with insulation between the bricks to prevent energy loss. The building materials have used less energy to make and, where possible, are locally produced

7 A combined heat and power plant was designed to burn BedZED waste to produce hot water and electricity. But technical and commercial difficulties mean the system is not in operation and will be replaced. Effluent from the buildings is treated on site and the water is used for flushing toilets

8 A distinctive feature of the buildings is the wind cowls on the roofs
A distinctive feature of the buildings is the wind cowls on the roofs. These cowls ventilate the houses and recover heat from the air coming out. The roofs are covered by solar panels (to generate electricity) and plants (for insulation and a habitat for wildlife)

9 People separate their waste in their kitchens to make recycling and composting easier. Sixty per cent of waste is recycled, three times the UK average. Residents encourage each other to recycle

10 BedZED has a green transport plan to reduce car mileage
BedZED has a green transport plan to reduce car mileage. There is a car-sharing club and electric car charging points. Good public transport links and cycle storage spaces are also provided

11 Photo credits The photographs included in this presentation were taken by Bio Regional. For more information and images of BedZED visit:

12 Using the blog as a resource….
Use the site. Click on changing urban environments in the blue category cloud and you will find 2 posts on Bedzed. Use these to do your work. Don’t miss out on those 8/8 answers I put a link to - they really are excellent!

13 What the syllabus says you need to know ….
The characteristics of a sustainable city. Environmental – the importance of conserving the historic and natural environment. Use of Brownfield sites. Reducing and safely disposing of waste. Providing adequate open spaces. Social – including local people in the decision-making process. Provision of an efficient public transport system. A case study of sustainable urban living.

14 What you need to do…. Either a) draw a spider diagram b) draw a bedzed house or c) write an essay
Introduction: What is Bedzed and where is it? Main part: a) In what ways has Bedzed tried to be sustainable? b) What impact do these schemes have? (Split into sections such as: energy, water, transport, community etc) Conclusion: what do you think of their achievements? Is Bedzed a success? Refer to the evidence you have collected Bedzed General place specific information Social characteristics Environmental characteristics

15 Read the 4 answers, all of which I gave 8/8
Bedzed: your work An exam question from 2010 said “Use one or more named case studies to describe the features of a sustainable settlement.” (8 marks) Read the 4 answers, all of which I gave 8/8

16 2 (d) (ii) Use a case study to describe the main features of sustainable urban living. 8 marks
2012 paper

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