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World Geography 5 Themes of Geography.

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1 World Geography 5 Themes of Geography

2 what is geography? Who can tell me what is geography?
Geography is the study of everything on Earth!

3 what is geography? Rocks Religions People Agriculture Rainfall Rivers
With a partner, can you divide these items into 2 equal groups? What would you title each of your groups? Rocks Religions People Agriculture Rainfall Rivers Animals Languages Cities Deserts

4 2 Branches of Geography Human Physical Geography Geography Rocks
Rainfall Animals Rivers Deserts People Cities Religions Agriculture Languages Human Geography Physical Geography

5 what is geography? Geography is a spatial science Spatial behavior of people Spatial relationships between places Spatial processes that create or maintain those behaviors and relationships

6 Spatial, spatial, spatial
still confused? -adjective 1. of or pertaining to space. 2. existing or occurring in space; having extension in space

7 Spatial, spatial, spatial
OK, try this: Slap the desk of your neighbor. What happened in the room?

8 Say Hello to PLIRM The 5 Themes of Geography Place Location
Interaction (Human/Environment) Region Movement

9 Five themes of geography: Place
Place: the distinctive and distinguishing physical and human characteristics of locales Questions: What does ____ look like? Why? How is it different from ____?

10 five themes of geography: Place
Every place has characteristics that are man-made as well as having those that nature provides. Examples of Physical or Natural include: weather, climate, natural vegetation, landforms, bodies of water, native animal life, etc. Examples of Human and Cultural include: jobs and economic activities, population distribution and density, religion, government, food, types of homes, education, history, language, etc.

11 five themes of geography: Place
Every place is a place – we study the character and meaning of that place We have a “Sense of Place” (ex: the feeling of home). We have a “Perception of Place” (even if you’ve never been somewhere, you think you know what it’s like from TV, movies, others, pictures, etc.







18 Five themes of geography: Location
2) Location: the meaning of absolute and relative position on the earth's surface Vocab : Global Positioning Systems (GPS), scale, latitude and longitude, distance Questions: Where is ____? Where is ____ relative to where I am?

19 Relative and absolute location
Everyone Stand up! Tell the person next to you: Where you live? (not exact address of course… creepers!) That is an example of Relative location!

20 Clear Falls High School
Location: degrees North degrees West YOU ARE HERE Latitude and Longitude is absolute location!

21 Five themes of geography: INTERACTION
3) Interaction (Human/Environment): This is how people ADAPT to their environment. EX: People that move to a cold climate would have to change their style by buying warmer clothes. Also…

22 Five themes of geography: INTERACTION
How people CHANGE the environment! EX: Building subdivisions on what was once a forest or building levees along rivers.





27 Five themes of geography: Regions
Region- an area with one or more common features that make it different from surrounding areas.

28 Five themes of geography: Regions
A region can be a place united by PHYSICAL conditions. EX: A desert, forest, mountain range, plain, or a coast can be described as a region

29 Five themes of geography: Regions
A region can also be somewhere that is united by SIMILAR cultural traits. EX: A place that is largely populated by people of the Muslim religion would be considered a region.



32 Can a place be included in more than one region?

33 Five themes of geography: Movement
5) Movement: patterns and change in human spatial interaction on the earth EX: A family goes on vacation and leaves from Houston to go to Washington D.C., they must physically move there Or….. EX: You simply go to a friends house to hang out Also…..

34 Five themes of geography: Movement
Movement is the exchange of goods and ideas. Ex: UPS moves goods across the country without people actually coming into direct contact

35 Worldwide Net Migration



38 P L I R M

39 PLIRM Day 2 Types of Regions

40 Five themes of geography: Regions
4) Regions: how they form and change Formal Regions Regions defined by governmental or administrative boundaries (States, Countries, Cities) Regions defined by similar characteristics (Corn Belt, Rocky Mountain region, Chinatown). Functional Regions Regions defined area organized around a NODE or focal point (newspaper service area, cell phone coverage area, subway). Vernacular/Perceptual Regions Regions defined by peoples perception of something existing based on people’s cultural identity (middle east, the south, or home.) Skills: Synthesis, application Questions: How has this spatial pattern developed? Will it continue to change?


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