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Requirements and Responsibilities

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1 Requirements and Responsibilities
North Carolina Chief 101 Requirements and Responsibilities

2 Chief 101 Class This class consists of several programs that together will satisfy the 9S inspection criteria as specified by the North Carolina Administrative Code. The primary objective of the course is to inform current and future chief officers of the various aspects and complexities surrounding the operations and organization of North Carolina fire departments.

3 Requirements & Responsibilities Why are we Here?
Chief 101 started as a result of the 2009 Gateway Conference held in Concord, N.C. Requirements for the Chief 101 course were placed within the North Carolina Administrative Code as written for Fire Department 9S inspections.

4 Requirements & Responsibilities
11 NCAC 05A DRILLS AND MEETING REQUIREMENTS (a) All members of fire departments shall comply with the drills and meeting requirements of G.S (b) The chief officer of each fire department shall: (1) within one year of appointment, complete a class on basic management of fire department operations and records approved by the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission for chief officer based upon National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for chief officer. NFPA Standard 1021 is incorporated into this subchapter by reference, including but not limited to subsequent amendments or editions. NFPA Standard 1021 is available from the National Fire Protection Association at for thirty-seven dollars ($37.00); and (2) complete the course as described in subparagraph (1) of this Paragraph, which shall be titled "Chief 101" a minimum of every five years.

5 What is Gateway? Annual meeting of the various fire and emergency service associations and agencies that is sponsored by the N.C. State Fireman’s Association. Discuss various areas of concern and develop methods to address concerns that all the associations agree upon. This is a group of your peers that you elect to represent you in various associations.

6 Who attends Gateway?

7 Requirements & Responsibilities
How was the determination made to initiate this requirement? The organizations attending the Gateway meeting submit ideas for consideration and all organizations agree on three to five issues to work on for the coming year. Wide range of topics including health and safety, and legislative actions.

8 Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve already had Chief 101, do I have to take this course? Yes. Will our NCRRS rating be revoked if “the chief” doesn’t take this course? No, but before getting your next inspection, “the chief” will have to complete the course.

9 Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve been the chief for __ years, why do I have to go through this? It is now a requirement for NCRRS rating. I delegate these responsibilities to others in the department. You may not delegate this responsibility. “The chief” is still responsible.

10 Questions?

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