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Chapter 10 Human Resource Systems

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1 Chapter 10 Human Resource Systems
Planning Ahead What is human resource management? How do organizations attract a quality workforce? How do organizations develop quality workers? How do organizations maintain quality workers? Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

2 Human Resource Management
Responsibilities attracting a quality workforce planning, recruitment, selection developing a quality workforce employee orientation, training & development, career planning & development maintaining a quality workforce management of employee retention and turnover, performance appraisal, compensation, benefits Handle workforce needs after they leave employment. Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

3 Human Resource Management
Strategic Human Resource Planning jobs are staffed with capable people who perform best jobs are staffed to serve organizational mission, objectives and strategies Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

4 Human Resource Management
Human Resource Planning job analysis (analyzes a job for its characteristics and tasks and its pay and status. GS-13 government ratings all through civil service job descriptions—describes characteristics of the jobs—duties, reporting relationships, authority, relation to other workers, reports, responsabilities,etc. job specification –specifies education, degrees, experience, physical and mental capabilities, etc. that an individual will need to fill a job. Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

5 Laws Against Employment Discrimination
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) right to employment without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, or physical and mental ability. federally enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

6 Laws Against Employment Discrimination
Affirmative Action Programs federally mandated programs that promote the employment opportunities of women, veterans, aged, disabled and certain cultural groups Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

7 Attracting a Quality Workforce
The Recruiting Process attracting a qualified pool of job applicants to an organization so you can pick the best from this pool To get the right people to apply cam be tricky. advertisement of job vacancy (i.e. trade journals, probably not the want adds of your local paper.)The higher the position the wider the search. go to schools/ give internships preliminary contact with potential job candidates initial screening to create a pool of applicants employment agencies (even headhunters) Career centers Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

8 Internal Sources of Employees
Large companies can have 1000’s of employees they can choose from to move sideways, down or promote up. Promotion possibilities chart is one way to keep track of those who could be promoted. Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

9 Attracting a Quality Workforce
External Vs. Internal Recruitment external recruitment candidates are sought from outside the hiring organization internal recruitment candidates are sought within the organization Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

10 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Realistic Job Previews candidate is provided with all pertinent information about job and organization benefits higher levels of early job satisfaction reduced turnover Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

11 Attracting a Quality Workforce
The Selection Process choosing the person with the greatest performance potential from the applicant pool Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

12 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Selection Steps completion of formal application interviewing testing reference checks physical examination final analysis and decision to hire or reject Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

13 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Interviews Important due to the exchange of information that takes place Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

14 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Employment Tests Used to identify intelligence aptitudes personality interests that help predict performance success Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

15 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Employment tests should be valid reliable legally defensible Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

16 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Employment testing developments include assessment centers Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

17 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Reference and Background Checks inquiries to previous employers, academic advisors, and coworkers regarding qualifications experience past work records Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

18 Attracting a Quality Workforce
Physical Examinations ensure applicant’s physically capability to work basis for enrolling in health-related fringe benefits drug testing Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

19 Schermerhorn - Chapter 10
The Selection Process Final Decision to Hire or Reject should focus comprehensively on the person’s capacity to perform in a given job Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

20 Developing a Quality Workforce
the process of systematically changing the expectations, behavior and attitudes of a new employee to help achieve the best possible fit between the individual, the job and the organization Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

21 Developing a Quality Workforce
Employee Orientation set of activities designed to familiarize new employees with their jobs, coworkers, and key aspects of the organization explain and clarify organizational mission operating objectives job expectations policies and procedures Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

22 Developing a Quality Workforce
Training and Development Training set of activities that provides the opportunity to acquire and improve job-related skills Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

23 Developing a Quality Workforce
On-the-Job Training job rotation coaching apprenticeship modeling mentoring Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

24 Developing a Quality Workforce
Off-the-Job Training Attendance at special programs Management Development special form of off-the-job training improves one’s knowledge and skill in management and leadership Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

25 Developing a Quality Workforce
Performance Appraisal formally assessing someone’s work and providing feedback evaluation let people know where they stand relative to objectives and standards development assist in training and personal development Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

26 Developing a Quality Workforce
Methods of Performance Appraisal graphic rating scales narrative technique behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) critical-incident technique multiperson comparisons Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

27 Maintaining a Quality Workforce
Career Planning and Development Career sequence of jobs that constitute what a person does for a living Career Planning systematically matching career goals and individual capabilities with opportunities Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

28 Maintaining a Quality Workforce
Work-Life Balance how people balance career with personal and family needs concerns single parent dual-career couples Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

29 Maintaining a Quality Workforce
Retention and Turnover Replacement Situations promotions transfers terminations layoffs retirement Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

30 Maintaining a Quality Workforce
Compensation and Benefits base compensation salary or hourly wages fringe benefits additional nonwage/nonsalary forms of compensation flexible benefits employees can select benefits with a certain dollar amount Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

31 Maintaining a Quality Workforce
Labor-Management Relations Unions deal with employers on the workers’ behalf industrial/business occupations public sector employees government workers Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

32 Maintaining a Quality Workforce
Collective Bargaining process of negotiating, administering and interpreting labor contracts usually occurs in face-to-face meetings generally adversarial Schermerhorn - Chapter 10

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