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FGDC – Business Highlights Ken Shaffer Deputy Executive Director 703-648-5740 April 21, 2015 Coordination Group Meeting 03/16/2015 –

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1 FGDC – Business Highlights Ken Shaffer Deputy Executive Director 703-648-5740 April 21, 2015 Coordination Group Meeting 03/16/2015 – v3

2 FGDC Activities Highlights FGDC Committee Reports Steering Committee: last met March 19, 2015  FGDC Vice-Chair – OMB’s FGDC Vice Chair position awaiting a new designee  Next meeting: June 11, 2015 Executive Committee: last met on March 3, 2015 Discussion on  COGO Report Card discussion  Pending GAO Report release 2

3 Activities Highlights (Cont’d) NGAC meeting- March 17-18 Spotlight session: Crowd-Sourced Geospatial Data NGAC Subcommittees Activities  Refined 2015 workplans  Provide status reports at June NGAC meeting  Draft papers will be developed by September meeting  Final draft papers due prior to the December NGAC meeting 3

4 Activities Highlights (Cont’d) NGAC Nominations  FGDC will issue call for nominations for next round of NGAC appointments – Spring 2015 Next NGAC meetings:  June 9-10 (Washington)  September 1-2 (Shepherdstown) 4

5 Activities Highlights 2015 GAO Report (March 16, 2015) Nine recommendations, four to FGDC (paraphrased) Correct search function on Geospatial Platform and monitor regularly Regular collection of Geospatial Platform performance measures with reports to Steering Committee Create address data theme and associated subcommittees and working groups to further a national address database NDOP to reassess the feasibility of the Imagery for the Nation initiative, identify discrete steps that could be taken to further a national imagery program for all levels of government. Two each to USDA and DHS Develop and implement policy for metadata on the Geospatial Platform Develop and implement procedures for use of Marketplace prior to spending funds to collect or produce new geospatial data One to OMB – improve oversight of progress on the NSDI by requiring federal agencies to report on efforts to establish and implement metadata and Marketplace policies (similar to USDA and DHS) DOI and FGDC OS preparing response 5

6 Activities Highlights NGDA Management Plan Activities Lead: Coordination Group/NGDA Theme Leads and Dataset Managers Action 1B.2: CG to support Theme Leads and Dataset Managers with registration of NGDA Datasets in catalog  As of April 14 – 81% NGDAs registered Action 1D.4: CG to approve Theme Strategic Plan Template  NGDA MP action due June 30, 2015 CG review and comment due Wed. April 29, 2015 Action 2A.1: CG to support agency Dataset Managers completing the NGDA Data Maturity Assessments  NGDA MP action due June 30, 2015 Action 1D.3: CG to approve Theme Administrative Maturity Assessment Questions  NGDA MP action due September 30, 2015 6

7 Activities Highlights (Cont’d) Lead: FGDC Steering Committee Action 1B.3: Approve NGDA Dataset Nomination/Removal process  NGDA MP action due June 30, 2015 CG vote approved recommendation to SC, March 31, 2015 Steering Committee approved April 14, 2015 Action 1E.1: Geospatial investment and budget report codes  NGDA MP action due September 30, 2015 Interagency Team revising 2006 Geospatial Investment Definitions document Interagency Team presenting to ExCom May 21, 2015 7

8 Activities Highlights (Cont’d) NSDI Strategic Plan FY 2015 Implementation Plan FY 15 Implementation Plan will be finalized by April 30 and provided to the FGDC community, the NGAC, and GAO as documentation of the ongoing implementation of the NSDI plan Note: Detailed information on the NSDI Strategic Plan Actions can be found on the FGDC Business Report 8

9 Activities Highlights (Cont’d) Geospatial Line of Business/Platform Continued with technical enhancements and development:  IDP Transition  Reporting tools  Assessment tools  Help Desk/Service Desk Support  WMV development Continued project management activities:  CPIC activities  Metadata registrations  Weekly status reporting Developing communications and outreach strategies and plans 9

10 Geospatial Interoperabilty Reference Architecture (GIRA) All comments adjudicated and final version sent to Program Manager, Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE), Kshemendra Paul. Proposed funding to enhance the existing GIRA into a dynamic, on-line collaboration resource that would include participation of all the partners as well as providing a mechanism for non-federal contribution. Managed through the Geospatial Platform OGC has expressed their support and interest in supporting this effort. Background Establishes the Geospatial Platform as the go-to target for unclassified geospatial information as well as addressing many interoperability and standards issues. NSDI Strategic Plan 2014-2016 Objective 1.1 – Develop geospatial interoperability reference architecture (Actions 1.1.1 and 1.1.2) Dan Cotter, DHS, is overseeing implementation of these actions. The document being sent to the federal CIO Council for adoption as an artifact of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Contact: Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC OS, Read ahead: none 10

11 Standards Activities The FGDC Standards WG met Monday, March 2. The SWG recommended CG approval of the National Shoreline Data Content Standard for FGDC endorsement. Note: Information on this standard can be found on the business report and the following link: SWG-meetings/2015-03-02_SWG/finalDraftNatlShorelineDataStd/view SWG-meetings/2015-03-02_SWG/finalDraftNatlShorelineDataStd/view 11

12 Standards Activities CG ballot to approve the following standards for FGDC endorsement closed April 6 All will be recommended to the SC for adoption. Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) 5.1: 10 yes, 0 no, 21 not voting, 0 abstain ISO/IEC 15444-1:2004 Technical Corrigenda 1:2007 and 2:2008 JPEG 2000: 10 yes, 0 no, 21 not voting, 0 abstain OGC GeoPackage 1.0: 10 yes, 0 no, 21 not voting, 0 abstain Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (GENC) Standard Edition 2: 10 yes, 0 no, 21 not voting, 0 abstain GeoRSS-Simple and GeoRSS-GML: 9 yes,0 no, 21 not voting, 1 abstain 12

13 Standards Activities Public review of draft Part 2, Digital orthoimagery (revised), of the Geographic Information Framework Data Standard closed March 24. There were no comments. Next steps SWG review of final draft SWG recommendation for CG approval for Steering Committee endorsement 13

14 Standards Activities Next FGDC Standards WG meeting: Thursday, June 18. On March 27, the OGC Technical Committee approved OGC Catalogue Services 3.0 - General Model and HTTP Protocol Binding, with 33 YES votes and 8 NO votes. The editor and SWG shall address the comments associated with the NO votes and revise for OGC Planning Committee approval. 14

15 Standards Activities LAS is an open binary file format for exchange of 3-D point cloud data. Although LAS was developed for exchange of LiDAR point cloud data, it supports the exchange of any 3-D x,y,z tuplet. There are discussion and efforts in OGC on developing an open LIDAR and point cloud standard. ASPRS owns and maintains LAS and would need to lead these efforts. Esri has been developing an Optimized LAS that is not intended to replace LAS but to enhance access to remotely stored LIDAR information for their users and supports development of an open LIDAR and point cloud standard. Agencies with LIDAR interests are encouraged to get involved. 15

16 Upcoming Meetings May 12 – Coordination Group (Kiowa Room) May 21 – Executive Committee June 9-10 – National Geospatial Advisory Committee June 11 – Steering Committee 16

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