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11.9 Images in Curved Mirrors

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1 11.9 Images in Curved Mirrors

2 Types of Curved Mirrors:
Concave: Inner surface of curved mirror is reflective Convex: Outer surface of curved mirror is reflective

3 Terminology Centre of Curvature (C) Principal Axis (PA) Vertex (V)
Centre of the sphere whose surface is used to make the mirror Principal Axis (PA) Line going through the centre of curvature and the centre of the mirror Vertex (V) Point where the PA intersects the mirror

4 Focus (F) The point where parallel light rays come together or converge on a concave mirror. It is exactly half way between C and V.

5 Real Image An image that can be seen on a screen as a result of light rays actually arriving at the location Video- Vital Science: Curved Mirrors


7 Locating Images in Converging (Concave) Mirrors
Draw two incident light rays from the top of the object 1. One parallel to the PA, then reflects through F 2. One through F, then reflects parallel to the PA The point where the two reflected rays intersect is where the image will form NOTE: you could use all four types of incident rays but only two are needed for a point of intersection

8 Object beyond C S- smaller A- inverted L- b/t F and C T- real

9 Object at C S- same A- inverted L- at C T- real S- A- L- T-

10 Object between F and C S- larger A- inverted L- beyond C T- real S-

11 Object at F -cannot run a ray through the focal point so run one through the centre of curvature Reflected rays do not intersect as they are parallel. *no clear image forms* S- A- L- T-

12 Object between V and F -extend reflected rays back behind mirror
S- larger A- upright L- behind mirror T- virtual

13 Convex Mirror Light rays DIVERGE on the mirror and meet at a VIRTUAL FOCUS behind the mirror Large viewing area but can cause some distortion Used to view large areas like in a variety store Produce smaller upright virtual images

14 Reflection of a Convex Mirror
A ray parallel to the PA is reflected as if it had come through the focus A ray aimed at the focus will reflect back parallel to the PA A ray aimed at the centre of curvature is reflected back upon itself

15 S - smaller A – upright L – behind mirror T- virtual Object will always be in front of mirror and therefore image will ALWAYS be smaller, upright, behind mirror and virtual


17 F C V

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