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Granite School District 2500 South State Street Salt Lake City, UT

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1 Granite School District 2500 South State Street Salt Lake City, UT

2 Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance (CCGP) is our programmatic structure. College and Career Readiness (CCR) Counseling is our emphasis. Looking at data for equity and opportunity is our mission. Reaching every student through individual planning and classroom instruction is our work. REACH HIGHER

3 Comprehensive Guidance Program Accountability ▪ Annual program review at the district and school level ▪ Every six year program review by USOE ▪ Assurances ▪ Local board adoption, approval and annual update ▪ Structural components – ratios, physical space and equipment, policies and resources ▪ Administrative support ▪ Use of data REACH HIGHER

4 Inspire young people to reach higher to complete their education beyond high school so that they can own their futures... focusing on things like financial aid, college counseling, academic and summer planning, and college visits. Ensure that every student in this country understands how to pursue and complete their education – a traditional four-year college or a community college, or via a professional certificate or degree. -- Michelle Obama Reach Higher Initiative Complete your education. Own your future.

5 REACH HIGHER College Application Week - November 2014 November 2014 # Seniors# Seniors Applied # Seniors GEF support Totals42112578 (61%)143

6 Best Practice A system that tracks individual CCR progress Our Charge and Responsibility Students will leave Granite School District prepared for college, career and life in the 21 st century world. 6 REACH HIGHER

7 CCR Results – We are Making PROGRESS! Data will never be perfect but it can inform and guide our work. Metric2011201220132014 Graduation Rate66%69%71%70% AP Exams3305380738924157 AP Exams % Passed67%69%65% Concurrent Enrollment4875435349194423 Utah Scholars (8 th grade) Registrants2815668573492 Regents’ Scholarship Awards4173109159 FAFSA CompletionNA41%*36% College Enrollment Fall Semester after HS Grad 51% *45%*44% 7 *Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints mission eligibility age was changed to 18 in Oct 2012.

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