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Livelihood and Access to Asset Perspective from Self –Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

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1 Livelihood and Access to Asset Perspective from Self –Employed Women’s Association (SEWA)

2 SELF- EMPLOYED WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION (SEWA), Bharat  A trade union of poor women working in informal economy. An Organization (Member based) and a Movement (Women, labour and cooperative)  Membership of over 1.9 million informal economy women workers in 13 states of India.  SEWA Bharat : Federation of SEWAs across India.  Intervention focused on women worker’s livelihood, income, health, housing, microfinance, capacity building, education, skill building, government scheme linkages.

3 Vulnerabilities  Irregular work: underemployed, marketable skills, access to credit & market.  Low income: low piece-rates, tools and technology, overhead cost.  Lack of basic services: Housing, water and sanitation  Access to finance: Risk resilience, money lenders, rigid schemes of formal banking.  Displacement and eviction: Exclusionary cities, space, ‘illegality’.  Exploitation : Extortion of illegal money.  Health and safety : Personal, occupational and family; Loss of employment, Expenditure cost.  Social Protection: Childcare, Old-age, maternity.  Lack of recognition as ‘worker’s: Invisibility in Plans, Policies and laws.

4 Intervention models -Access to productive resources. Productive Resources ApproachInstitutions and Programs FinanceAddress Life-cycle needs, inculcates saving, loans for productive and income activities, Door-step financing, Cash flow, financial counselling, Self help groups, Thrift and credit cooperative, SEWA Bank. MarketDirect market linkages for transparent supply chain, women led institution, Collective voice and bargaining power, leadership, Skill up-gradation. Cooperatives of Incense stick producers, weavers, garment workers, farmers. Tools and technology Customised services (Lighting devices, agricultural equipment's, machines, water-pumps). Renewable energy Program and Agricultural development. HealthAccess to health care service, reduction in health expenditure. Reproductive health, child care, insurance, awareness. HousingHome as ‘ workplace’. Access to infrastructure ( electricity, SEWA Housing Company, credit for construction of toilets.

5 Comments  Voice and representation as workers.  Conducive Policy Framework.  Exclusionary city planning and development.  Access to newer technologies.  Access to market information.  Empowerment through organising.  Strong organisations of women workers and leaders.  Inclusion in plans, policies (representation, statistics).  Understanding diverse needs of women worker’s.  Sustainable livelihood models. ChallengesStep Forward

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