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Introduction   Business Scenario Finacle CBS Process Overview Key Terminologies Step by Step Process Demonstration Summary.

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2 Introduction Business Scenario Finacle CBS Process Overview Key Terminologies Step by Step Process Demonstration Summary

3 Lesson Objective Duration Intended Audience
To understand the process of managing Security items (Cheques, and Certificates) in the post office using Finacle CBS Duration 2 Hours Employees who receive security items from PSD or CSD or HPO and perform operations in the front office of a Post office. Intended Audience

4 Business Scenario As a Supervisor of the PO, you have received a parcel containing new cheque books//NSCs. You have put in the double lock safe and later on hand over to counter assistants for issuing them to the customers Let us see the process inventory movement Finacle CBS in detail.

5 Finacle Process Overview
All Financial institutions maintain inventory of various security and non-security items. The security items could be demand drafts, cheques, time deposit certificates and so on. The non-security items could be PCs, tables, chairs, fans and so on. Finacle facilitates the tracking of the movement of these security items between locations and users. Movement of inventory takes place between 3 locations: From PSD, CSD and HPO (ZZ-EXT) to Double Lock/Post Master (DL-DL). This process will be handled from HO level From Double Lock/Post Master (DL-DL) to Employee location (EM-EM Number). This process will be at Post Office level From Employee Location (EM-EM Number) to Employee Location (EM-EM Number). This process will be at Post Office level. Finacle also facilitates the splitting and merging of the inventory items like cheques into issuable booklets based on the Cheque book sizes that vary from 25 leaves or 50 leaves. Various reports and inquiries can be generated to know the status of the inventory at any point of time. Inventory movements also follow Maker / Checker concept. There will be designated authorizers in every branch

6 Key Terminologies TERMS DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE 1 Location Class
Broader Classification Double Lock 2 Location Code Sub Classification Safe1,Safe2 3 Inventory Class First level of classification of inventory Cheques, Demand Drafts, Term Deposit Certificates, NSC,KVP 4 Inventory Type Second level of classification of inventory Savings Account Cheque Leaves, Current Account Cheque Leaves

7 Step by Step Process Given below is the step by step process to perform electronic clearing in Finacle: Invoke the Menu Option HIMC and select function Add and click Go. Enter the details of cheques and click Submit. (Other inventory if any can also be added.) Use the Tran ID generated to get the process verified using the same menu option – HIMC. Repeat the process for moving the inventory from DL-Post Office To EM and EM Number Split the cheque lot into issuable cheque books. Merge the stock of cheque books. Perform inquiry.

8 Demonstration

9 Summary Congratulations!! You have successfully completed the lesson on Inventory Management using Finacle. Following are the summary of important points discussed in this lesson: Finacle facilitates management of security and non-security inventory items. Finacle facilitates tracking of movement of the inventory between locations. Security inventory items are classified as Inventory Class (Example: Cheques) and Inventory Type (Example: Savings Deposit Cheques). Security items like Cheques and Certificates are maintained in different locations like External, Double lock and Employee locations. Movement of inventory between locations has to be authorised by designated authorisers in the Post Office

10 Summary (Contd…) Cheques that are received in consolidated lots are split into issuable lots at the employee location. Facility for merging of issuable lots into consolidated lots is also available. Split and merge are available for inventory held at employee locations only. Inquiry and report options are also available. There is also a facility to identify the destroyed or damaged instruments that can be moved to a destroyed location in the application. This identifies quantum of secure stationery damaged. Perform inquiry on inventory items using the menu option HIMI


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