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Business plan cum start-up competition Sample template

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1 Business plan cum start-up competition Sample template

2 Overview Introduction Product/Service Market/Customer Execution Plan- Revenue Generation Risk Factors Timeline Appendix

3 Introduction Background information on the founding team (please include current education details of all the members of the team (school, degree, expected graduation date) Also, include information about the advising team (if any)

4 Product/Service Describe the proposed product / service and its overall unique value proposition.

5 Market Customer Describe the target customer and the market that the product or service addresses Describe the estimated size and value of the market Competition Provide an overview of the competitive landscape Explain your strengths as compared to your competitor

6 Execution Plan- Revenue Generation Stage Describe your revenue model Provide a 5-year financial projection. Snapshot showing your expected P&L and cash flow in the presentation. Details can be uploaded as an excel file on the main form Describe your current funding requirements. Please provide your current milestones for the next six months.

7 Risk Factors Describe any risks/challenges that you think the business will face Explain how you plan to mitigate these risks and challenges

8 Timeline Define the timeline and working flow of the project Explain how you plan the project execution

9 Appendix Images / Graphics of product Please provide images / graphics of your proposed product / service offering

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