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Annotated Bibliography And PowerPoint Presentations

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1 Annotated Bibliography And PowerPoint Presentations
APA Style Annotated Bibliography And PowerPoint Presentations

2 Annotated Bibliography
Combines the bibliographic reference with an annotation. Annotations can be just a couple of sentences, or multiple paragraphs (depending on your professor’s preferences). Useful outside of the annotated bibliography assignment. Helps organize research, references, and ideas before writing a paper.

3 Annotation Annotation is useful for any text
Journal articles Book chapters Books Summary and/or analysis of text. They can serve the following functions: Summarize the source Evaluate the source Reflection

4 Summarize What is the source about?
What argument(s) is the author making? Explain the source in your own words Summary allows you to think about the source in your own way

5 Analysis When we analyze, we are thinking about how useful the source is: What does the source mean for your topic? Does it fit in with other items you are annotating, or with your research idea? Is the source useful? Does the author appear credible?

6 Reflection Think about what the source means to you and your research.
Was the source useful for you? Did it expand your understanding of your topic? How can you use this source in your project?

7 Reflection (cont.) What are the main points of the source?
Are the arguments and evidence in the source weak or strong? Does it provide supporting data? Does it suggest solutions or improvements? If a policy—does it mention a specific bill? Does it provide or address any policy analysis criteria?

8 Bibliography A bibliography is another word for your APA style Reference Page It lists all of the sources you cite in a research project. It includes only bibliographic information Author, Title, Publisher, Year, and Page Range The annotated bibliography can help you create your Reference Page for research projects.

9 Annotated Bib in Google Docs


11 Create a Document

12 The Document Window Click to share your document

13 Example of a Short Annotation

14 Short Annotations Provide a brief summary Get the major points
Are good for broad overview Are good for practicing concise writing Are especially useful for keeping track of sources in your own research Get the major points Highlight the usefulness/relation of the source in relation to research topic

15 Example of Long(er) Annotation

16 Long(er) Annotations Allow for analysis and reflection
Provide a longer, more detailed, summary Allow us to relate the source to other sources in the bibliography

17 PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint presentations are effective for communicating ideas to a group. Great for organizing a speech Allow your audience to follow along with your ideas Keep your audience engaged

18 Keep In Mind PowerPoint slides give key points
You talk about the key points in your presentation Large blocks of text do not work well Keep your color scheme easy to read If you use slide transitions, use the same style throughout the presentation

19 Key Points The PowerPoint slide provides a topical overview while you provide details through spoken presentation. Do not include textual explanation of charts and graphs on the same slide. Chart/Graph on its own slide Explanation of chart/graph on following slide

20 Example Chart

21 Your Audience PowerPoint is for your audience, not for you to recite your presentation. It helps your audience become familiar with your topic. It can keep you on track, but make sure you are familiar with your presentation, and prepared to give it without aid from the PowerPoint.

22 Uses Outside Of WSU PowerPoint is used in work environments across all fields. Also used at field specific workshops and conferences. Can also be found on the internet. Can learn what happened at a conference/workshop you could not attend. You may be asked to create a PowerPoint about a project you completed in your work.

23 Final Notes Annotated Bibliographies PowerPoint Presentations
Help organize sources Help put arguments in conversation with each other Can be short or several paragraphs long. PowerPoint Presentations Keep audience engaged Keep presentation on track and organized

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