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Chapter 3 Review.

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1 Chapter 3 Review

2 3-1 Review Answers 1. Ecology 2. Land, water, air 3. Web of interdependence 4. individual, populations, communities, ecosystems, biomes, and biosphere

3 3-1 Review Answers 5. Species 6. Population 7. Community 8. Ecosystem 9. Biome 10. Observing, Experimenting, & Modeling

4 3-2 Review Answers 11. Its need for energy to power life’s processes 12. Sunlight 13. Inorganic chemical compounds 14. Producers 15. Photosynthesis 16. Chemosynthesis 17. Consumers

5 3-2 Review Answers 18. Plants 19. Animals 20. Plants and animals 21. Organic matter 22. Trophic level 23. Producers consumers

6 3-2 Review Answers 24. ecological pyramid three types: energy pyramid, biomass pyramid, & pyramids of numbers %

7 #20 worksheet page 31 0.1% Third Level Consumers 1% Second Level
10% First level Consumers 100% Producers Source of energy: sunlight or chemical energy

8 3-3 Review Answers oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen
Matter is recycled within and between ecosystems Matter moves as elements, chemical compounds, and other forms Matter moves in biogeochemical cycles

9 3-3 Review Answers 4. biological, geological, and chemical aspects of the biosphere. What makes up the biosphere? Land, water, and air

10 3-3 Review Answers 5. Evaporation 6. a, b, and c or precipitation, evaporation, and run off 7. nutrients- all the chemical substances that an organisms needs to sustain life 8. Carbon cycle nitrogen cycle phosphorus cycle

11 3-3 Review Answers 9. Due to its many roles- Carbon is a key ingredient of living tissues & is a component of animal skeletons & rocks. It is in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas & is involved in photosynthesis. 10. Atmosphere oceans underground

12 3-3 Review Answers 11. Photosynthesis 12. To make amino acids, which make proteins 13. Bacteria convert nitrogen gas into ammonia 14. Bacteria convert nitrates into nitrogen gas 15. It releases nitrogen into the atmosphere once again

13 3-3 Review Answers 16. A & B are true 17. Because it forms part of important life-sustaining molecules such as DNA & RNA. 18. The rate at which organic mater is created by producers 19. It will limit an organisms growth

14 3-3 Review Answers 20. When an ecosystem is limited by a single nutrient that is scarce or cycles very slowly. 21. There are more nutrients available so the producers grow and reproduce more quickly. If there are not enough consumers (to eat the algae) there will be excess algae.

15 Review Questions All of life on Earth exists in a region known as the _____________ biosphere 2. Groups of different species that live together in a defined area make up a community

16 Review Questions 3. Autotrophs are organisms that
Use energy they take in from the environment to convert inorganic matter into complex organic molecules 4. Nutrients move through an ecosystem in biogeochemical cycles 5. When an ecosystem is limited by a single nutrient that either is scare or cycles very slowly, this substance is called a(an) Limiting nutrient

17 Pond Plant -> Snail -> Turtle
Review Questions Pond Plant -> Snail -> Turtle 6. In the following food chain, which organism is an autotroph? pond plant 7. What amount of energy is available for the Snail? 10% 8. The turtle is an example of a _________. consumer

18 Review Questions 9. Run-off from a farm adds large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus to a nearby pond. The algae in the pond quickly grow and reproduce creating a(an) algal bloom 10. The biosphere contains all of the following land, air, water

19 Review Questions 11. What links together all of the food chains in an ecosystem? food web 12. What is the process called in which water changes from a liquid to a gas evaporation 13. What are the main nutrient cycles? carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus

20 Review Questions Autotrophs are also called producers Heterotrophs are also called consumers Make sure to Study Vocabulary- Vocabulary Review

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